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In creative fields such as literature, art, architecture, design and music classics never seem to go out of fashion. As poet and essayist Charles Peguy commented, “Homer is new this morning, and perhaps nothing is as old as today’s newspaper.” 

No, this is not simply about revelling in the nostalgic charm of a bygone era. It is not about having a fetish for luxury or, in some cases, profligacy. Creative inspirations tainted by such base feelings as that will never manage to produce works of sublime quality.

On the contrary, it is only when a desire of creating something anew based on the classical principles and appealing to the modern sensitivity unite with a dedication towards meticulous craftsmanship that a truly noteworthy work of art is born. 

For a designer is it an extremely perilous task too. He or she is needed to match up with the best of the examples of the past and yet remain relevant enough for the prevailing design ideals of the time. To counter this, architects and designers often tend to merge various design philosophies of the past to create a classically modern home. The following apartment epitomises the graceful charm of classical décor.

A Brief Note

This luxurious Moscow apartment welcomes us to take a peep around and see its modish rooms. It is not only a classically themed urban apartment, but it also possesses elements of fantasy in its nooks and corners. We will unravel those one by one as we continue our survey of its chic interior. 

On the request of the owners, Architectural Studio B & L undertook the responsibilities of planning its interior. Over the years, Studio B & L has earned critical recommendations from the critics, connoisseurs and customers for its contribution in the field of interior design. This apartment will also showcase some of their design strengths.

Please Step In

The visual contrast of black and white chequered floor immediately draws your attention as you step into the spacious hallway. Subtle patterns on the wall, prominent geometric décor on the ceiling, classy black and white chandelier and other lighting fixtures prepare you for something very dramatic. The cosy bench, upholstered in suitably opulent fabric, is an assurance that all we go well. It is a parlour of a sort where you may take a breather before entering the main part of the apartment.

Have a Seat

The sofas, though having curvaceous legs, are dressed in surprisingly muted suits. Perhaps, it is not to clutter the space already decorated with traditional silk rugs, subtle motifs on pale coral walls and beautiful curtains. The ebony coffee table appropriately complements the dark wood flooring. Classical chandelier improves the area with its refined presence. A piano occupies one of the corners of this formal lounge.

Relish Your Presence

The dining space boasts of several exquisite features. Dining chairs, shaped like petals of hibiscus, and old fashioned yet uncomplicated table look attractive enough. A curved console table along with the framed mirror adds a touch of glamour. Decorative pieces are kept to bare minimum. The few that make their presences felt are kept neatly organised on the wall mounted shelves or table. A couple of luminous paintings enhance the spirited atmosphere.

Savour the Sumptuous View

But for the elaborately designed white faux ceiling, the kitchen wears almost an all black look. The wooden floor surface is coated in dark brown. Sleek black cabinets help to keep everything carefully organised. This kitchen shares its space with the dining parlour though it is not a completely free flowing area.

Have a Glimpse of the Private Quarter

Though relatively small in size, the bedroom shows a lovely décor. A cosy lavender bed is tuned with rest of the elements of this room like a chaise lounge, curtains and lighting fixtures. Golden ribbons on the headboard aim to sustain the bond of love between the partners. The wooden floor is kept bare. Walls and ceilings possess intricate designs but are seen in indiscreet tones and patterns.

Refresh Yourself

The bathroom has received equally generous attention from the designers who decked it up with mosaic, onyx wall art, specialised lighting fixtures, granite vanity units and premium quality sanitary fittings. Storage units are mounted in the walls. Wall colour possesses a brighter and more playful hue.

Relive a Fairytale

No efforts have been spared to tastefully decorate the little prince or princess’ room. It follows the same colour scheme and design ideals as the rest of the apartment but is made to look even more gorgeous. The classical mirror, chandelier, ceiling décor and a cosy bed all contribute to this.

Elegantly Designed Study

Most intricately designed wallpapers jazz up the interior of this beautiful study cum office space. A sophisticated sofa like this upholstered in fabric of highly detailed embroidery is a rage this season. The hand woven classical rug makes its charming presence felt. Wall mounted storage units, velvety chair and ebony black table collaborate with each other create a most lavishly decorated home office.

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