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From Neglected Garage to Fabulous Herb Store

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One of the best things when visiting a new city or town is the range of interesting and unusual building and shops you stumble upon. Here at homify we see a remarkable range of spectacularly individual and unique properties, from nano homes, eco-friendly commercial enterprises, to large and luxurious contemporary castles. Today our project is no exception. We are going to be taking a peek inside a fabulous 'before and after' of an underutilised garage that has been beautifully transformed into a striking herb store. The Elder Flowers as it is named, is a rustic 22 square metre shop that presents an inviting and cosy offering of 32 herb-based products. 

Situated in Nisshin, a city in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, this wonderful modification has been undertaken by FRCHIS, WORKS, an Okayama born designer by the name of Yu Kajimoto. Featuring a calm and serene atmosphere, the interior of Elder Flowers is original and earthy in its ambience. Taking a meagre 33 days from beginning to completion, this delightfully transformed space is a successful one-of-a-kind structure. If you would like to see the unbelievable conversion of this property, check out the images below and plan your next renovation today!

A challenging start…

From the outset this was undoubtedly a challenge. However, the dramatic changes are even more remarkable when viewing the initial state of the interior. The tiny 22 square metres looks cramped and uncomfortable. The concrete floor offers potential, but is stained, and has not been maintained correctly. A small workspace sits to the left, and underneath the clutter, we see many different pieces of furniture. 

The newly renovated exterior!

Here, we are viewing the completed façade of the herb store. The transformation is unbelievable, and the property now looks like a fashionable, in-keeping, and timeless structure. The timber fascia has been retained, and this provides a provincial rustic quality that helps add appeal and interest. The entrance to this store includes a large window and two hinged protruding windows that ensure lighting and ventilation. 

The building is inviting and intriguing, let's take a look at its previous state…

Clutter, disorganisation, and a cramped interior

Taking a peek at the space from another angle does not add any additional promise. The space is cluttered, disorganised, and filled with a chaotic mess of bits and pieces.

Built in timber furniture provides an area for storage, however, everything is in a state of confusion and disarray it is difficult to imagine the space feeling usable. 

Hidden corners and dark nooks

Many of the internal spaces are composed of hidden corners and dark nooks and crannies. These areas are useless, offering no more than a place to stack disorganised accessories and odds and ends. 

In order for this area to become usable, the interior walls will need to be reconfigured. Clutter is one of the biggest problems for this building. It is hard to see the actual size of the space due to the inordinate volume of mess that has been strewn across the floor, and piled into cupboards. 

Dark, dull, but offering potential

Turning around and viewing the interior space from another vantage we can see that the area may just have some potential. A large garage door is available to bring in a large volume of natural light, essential to illuminate the dark and somewhat dull interior. 

Offering hidden possibilities, the future of this garage is becoming clearer. Although compact, the area is a good size to allow a renewed floorplan, and ripe for some fresh and inventive inspiration. 

The unbelievable new interior

Wow! Unlike the alluring rustic exterior, the interior of this shop is sleek, slick, and perfectly designed to maximise space.  Almost unrecognisable, the interior is stylish and bursts with a sense of bright illumination. The transformation achieved in this property is truly extraordinary. Completely renovated and fabulously refreshed, the store is now an easy to navigate commercial space. 

The flooring is a black walnut veneer that works effortlessly with the crisp white colour scheme of the walls. 

Bespoke cabinetry

The new interior features a range of different bespoke cabinetry and joinery. The timber rosewood hue is a gorgeous addition and works well with the walnut flooring. Warmth, homeliness, and a sense of welcome abound within this interior space, creating a pleasant overall aesthetic. 

Convenient storage

Unlike the awkward nooks that were present in the original floorplan, this new layout creates handy spaces, and employs a sense of rustic Japanese minimalism to ensure a successfully versatile room. Here we see the doors have been replaced by sliding white panel doors, offering an easy way to move through the property. 

Each item is placed delicately and effectively on the bespoke shelving, which helps provide an area for anything that may be on display or sale.

Bright and open plan

The newly refreshed building is surprisingly open and spacious. Having removed interior walls, the new seated area is able to connect with the front of the home, effortlessly adding a sense of cohesion and movement. 

Here the clutter has been removed, and there is a rustic, almost industrial vibe throughout. The kitchenette is perfect for testing samples and keeping the space clean, while the neat register sits at the entrance, next to the delicately dressed main window. 

Essential amenities

Throughout the newly refurbished property, we see an array of stylish yet practical inclusions. Amenities are versatile and essential, included to ensure the shop is a workable and highly usable space. The sink and its associated cabinetry are a beautiful rosewood colour, and the craftsmanship of the joinery is second to none. 

We hope you enjoyed this tour as much as we did! If you would like to continue reading, check out another of our Ideabooks: Living Big In A Tiny Home

What did you think of this garage refurbishment? Would you like to shop here? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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