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The River HB Design Pte Ltd Asian style houses
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We tend to celebrate the abundant mansions within our country and place them on a pedestal as if they are the absolute pinnacle of design and living. Well, we do love them—that we can't deny. However, there are plenty of homes in other shapes and forms that appeal to us equally, and sometimes even more. This city-apartment is by no means simple or without bells and whistles, but it is an apartment and that means that it's easier for most of us to relate to. Sure, not all of us live in apartment blocks quite so lavish, but there's something so enjoyable about take a look at a space this beautiful… and there are always little bits and pieces that can be copied or recreated in our own homes. 

So, whether you are used to a lifestyle as pictures below or simply want to take some inspiration from this gorgeous space, we present it to you… without further ado.

1. The bathroom in this apartment is built and situated perfectly within the complex, allowing the person taking a bath to enjoy the incomparable view while relaxing.

2. Much like the bathroom, this bedroom allows stunning views over the city and is super cosy in design, with a total hotel feeling.

3. Take a proper look inside, we see once and for all that this truly is a large, open dream space.

Taking a look outside, we are introduced to the pool of the complex… if relaxing inside one of the gorgeous apartments wasn't already enough, you also cool off in this expansive pool.

5. While the architecture and interior design of this complex and the individual apartment there within it is alone a marvellous feat, the centrally appealing element of the view simply cannot be ignored.

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