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ATELIER FB Modern living room
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Small apartments can be gorgeous, pleasant places to live but we need to focus on keeping the storage in check our we end up drowning in our stuff. As most of us in Singapore live in home limited on the square metre quota, dealing with storage and finding the nooks and crannies to keep stuff in is a familiar topic. This can be a fun process or it can be a stressful one, so the best thing to do is take inspiration from examples and smart designers such as Atelier FB, who have presented us with this gorgeous home. Particularly noteworthy here are the beautiful shelving systems and modern touches. 

1. The living room manages to simultaneously achieve being small, open and full of colour—with a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese mixes.

2. Opting for a completely modern look in the kitchen, the staircase and cabinetry complement each other in a sharp and stylish manner.

3. We love the way the open roof it utilised in a structured but flowing fashion.

4. From this angle we can see the little pops of colour that bring energy to the otherwise white and wood finishings.

5. Taking a look at the room from the opposite perspective shows that the fireplace is visible from both sides, creating a unification between the two sections of the room.

6. Picking a wall that you dedicate to shelving is a great way to keep all the mess/clutter in one space and attempt to display it in style.

7. The bathroom is simple and small but has been maximised to its full potential—who said you can't have a bathtub?

8. Looking into the shower we can see that they've opted for splashes of colour via the tiling—in this case, bright orange.

9. In the name of making the most of space and optimising storage, a loft and wardrobe situation has been crafted here, and it looks great!

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