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Spending time amid nature in a rural idyll is a dream for many. Getting away to a place such as this may not always be possible in these busy times. But building a rustic abode is not so difficult a task. It requires small efforts and little alterations to build a gracefully rustic home appropriate for the modern tastes. This does not require you to shell out large sums of money either, for what is a rustic home if it is not humble in essence?

Rustic décor is not only prevalent in country houses and popular among some rural folks, but its unpretentious form and ambience have been cherished by people for a long time. A profusion of luxury chalets and log homes is an indication to this. The Hameau de la Reine was a rustic retreat for Marie Antoinette. Frogmore House used to be a country getaway for Queen Charlotte who was also an avid horticulturist. 

These instances amply reveal how rustic décor was popular even among the royalties. So why not take some time out today to learn how you too can build a beautifully rustic home for yourself and your family?

Leave the Walls Exposed

That is to say, do not cover the brick or rock surfaces with concrete and coat of sophisticated paints. Preferably for modern homes you should limit this to one or two walls only. Overdoing it may give your house a warehouse like feel which would be damaging to the homey charm of a rustic interior. 

Alternatively, you can leave the ceilings bare and cover the walls in a neutral or white tone. If your brick wall is not too attractive you can cover it with a coat of white paint as well. Faux brick tiles can be used in case uncovering the original brick wall proves to be very difficult.

Have Rustic Flooring

A rustic home does not care for polished marble flooring. Have colourful ceramic tiles, bricks, boulder rocks, terracotta or wood flooring in your home to give it an authentic country feel. Do not bother for adornments like costly area rugs or floor mats as a modest looking interior would feel charming in such a set up as this. 

Though costly, natural hardwood flooring is most durable and appreciable even for a rustic home. Cheaper engineered hardwood, laminate and vinyl are some of the replacements that can be opted for. But none of these would give an authentic country house feel. Having a stone, brick or ceramic flooring would be preferable instead. The natural texture will help to increase the beauty of the ambience.

Invest in Simple Furniture

A rustic home must have furniture without any trace of sophistication. So, nicely moulded engineered wood furniture is a strict no no for a place like this. Instead, build or recycle existing furniture to create a set that is suitably unrefined yet adorable. 

Tactfully mismatching wooden furniture with slightly faded paint and organic feel look great in this type of surroundings. Lightweight wicker and wrought iron furniture prove to be good accompaniments as well.

Build a Country Kitchen

Modern amenities have become so indispensable for us that we cannot imagine having a kitchen without our toasters, microwave ovens, dishwashers and so on. Still we can gift ourselves a rustic kitchen by neatly tucking them in separate wooden compartments. 

Have cabinets, furniture and other storage units with rustic finishes. Keeping the old fashioned chimney intact and walls untouched to a suitable extent. Use bold accent colours for the cabinet doors, window shutters, cushions and table runners. Keep a vase full of big blossoms to incorporate elements of cheerfulness. You will be learn more about a rustic kitchen from this post here.

Forget about Sophisticated Curtains and Furnishings

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Rustic homes hardly bother themselves about curtains, blinds or shades. If you must have them to protect privacy, use cotton curtains and soft furnishings that do not look ultra glossy. Pale shades, floral motifs or bold colours may all look good provided they do not add any pretentious feel to the environment. You may even recycle your old bed linens or unused scarves and shawls as curtains and cushion covers if you are skilled at needlework.

Buy Appropriate Lighting Fixtures

Do away with valance lighting or ceiling mounted task lighting. Choose wrought iron pendant lightings and lanterns with electrical fittings instead. Have eco friendly lampshades such as these procured by Jaqueline Vale Arquitetura. With a bit of practice you can even build lampshades of your own. 

Have fun decorating your home. Keep a few stones with interesting features or a few twigs around the table lamps and see how easily you can transform the interior of your home. And yes, do not forget the humble candles. They still add magic to any home even after modern inventions made them somewhat irrelevant.

Build a Wooden Stair

Wooden chair with a slightly grubby look sans any pricey carpet would help you to create an effortlessly tasteful rustic home. To better understand which type of wood is best for which part of your home please go through this article here. You can easily create a slightly shaggy look by a coat of paint, but do not overwhelm the natural wood texture.

Use Wooden Elements in a Bathroom

Do not exclude wooden elements from your bathroom. A log wall with dark overtone would give a gorgeous finish to your already charmingly bucolic abode. Use wood or ceramic tiles for flooring. Furniture with faded paints and slightly irregular shapes. A modest looking mirror and minimal décor items will create an authentically rustic home with élan.

Use these tips to create an authentically modern rustic home complete with exposed brick or rock wall, humble decor, rustic furniture, flooring and...

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