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Few things is life seem to remain unalterable despite widespread changes in socio-economic conditions and advent of newer technologies over the centuries. One of these is the concern we continuously have for the health and well being of our near and dear ones. Driven by the same anxiousness, the ancients of this world created several methods and detailed treatise to be followed by generations to come. They elevated the act of cooking and eating to an exact science. 

To maintain a healthy mind and body it is not only important to look after our own selves but also our living space and beyond. Various doctrines like artha shastra (economic treatise), vastu shastra (architectural treatise), paka shastra (art of cooking) and feng shui prescribe numerous means to create an environment that is sustainable. They inspire us to build a home that is harmonious and its inhabitants physically and emotionally sound. 

A feng shui compliant kitchen plays a prominent part in these attempts because one of the primary things that we depend on for our health and vigour is prepared there. Whether you believe in the power of such age old wisdom or not you cannot think of taking your family’s well being lightly. So for your benefit today, we will discuss the very basic rules of building a feng shui compliant kitchen.

The right cardinal directions

It is generally believed kitchens should occupy east, northeast or southeast corner of a home or apartment. Kitchens must not occupy the central position. It may disrupt the peaceful environment of a home with its energetic presence. The kitchen must not be near or opposite to the main door of a house. Kitchen doors should not open towards a bedroom or toilet either. We must also try to keep our kitchens airy and brightly lit.

Kitchen colour scheme

Since a kitchen is a virtual powerhouse of any home, it is good have metallic, earthen or white colour there. Pastel shades prove to be an appropriate choice as well and at times helps to balance out too much of energy. That said, blue should be avoided in a kitchen and black must be used only as an accent tone. Both these colours signify water element and you may not like drowning the fiery energy of a kitchen into a sea of water. See how Design Interior Olga Mudryakova used a combination of white and earthen tone to deck up this kitchen.

Preferred materials

Project 1086 Artichoke Kitchen

Project 1086


For a feng shui kitchen a wide variety of material is available to choose from. Wood, terracotta and stone are best used for flooring. Kitchen counters too may choose between wood and granite. Shiny metal tops are conducive for a feng shui kitchen and you may use it to give your kitchen a professional look. Sticking to the organic elements ensure better hygiene. Cupboards and shelves should be kept clean and clutter free to ensure a healthy flow of positive energy.

Position of the stove

While almost all other areas of a house or apartment are designed from scratch, modern kitchens come preloaded with contemporary facilities and modular storage units. This makes subtle adjustments difficult to achieve. The stove should be positioned away from the window and not in the direct line with fridge or sink. It must not occupy the northeast direction. 

Keep it clean and in good working order to ensure overall wellbeing of your family. The stove is symbolic of material and spiritual wealth. So having a clean and well maintained stove helps in many other ways than you may have imagined.

Position of the sink

Sinks must be in front of or very close to the windows and placed in the eastern part of your home. Apart from deriving feng shui benefits with this positioning, direct sunlight and air flow helps in drying up the damp area faster than normal and prevent any formation of stains or moulds. 

Do not place your sink adjacent to the stove or fridge. If this formation is unavoidable seek some feng shui remedies, such as placing a wood block (a regular chopping block will do) or wooden spoons between the sink and stove. For fridges, having them in a separate compartment would solve the issue.

Create a space with lots of air and natural light

Edwardian English Country Cook's Kitchen Artichoke Country style kitchen Wood White

Edwardian English Country Cook's Kitchen


This is least discussed yet of utmost necessity for any feng shui living or cooking space. Large windows that allow ample flow of air and natural light are must have for any kitchen. Try to keep it squeaky clean and maintain proper hygiene. A vase full of flowers, a small indoor garden of fragrant herbs, potted plants or images of any of these welcome positive energy in a kitchen

Have bowl full of fresh vegetable and fruits. Discard those that are no longer edible. Keep nine oranges on the counter top or on top of the stove when not in use. This is considered lucky for the occupants of a house.

To transform your dining area by introducing minute changes have a look at our ideas here.

Use the age old feng shui wisdom in your kitchen for health and well being of your family. Share with the changes you are going to incorporate in y...

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