Breathtaking style in a perfect Asian family home

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東長町の家, 環境建築計画 環境建築計画 Modern bathroom Glass White
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Whether you're taking your first look at this impressive architectural marvel from the exterior or interior perspective, the beauty and precision of the structure is sure to strike you. Mixing elements of Asian and western design influence, we are presented with a masterful concoction of design theory that results in a visually pleasant and harmonious space. Taking advantage of its high ceilings and windows, light is able to flow effortlessly from room to room, ensuring that the mood is kept natural and the Feng Shui is able to delicately persist throughout. Topping the whole package off is the subtle attention to interior design, whereby the designers from 環境建築計画 have cleverly incorporate modern, Scandinavian elements and pinches of Japanese influence. Take a look for yourself and see if the aesthetic ticks as many boxes for you as it does for us. 

1. Kicking off with an aerial view, we're given an immediate sense of the verticality achieved via the optimisation of high ceilings.

2. Returning to ground level, the presence of Scandinavian-meets-Asian design is more apparent as the furniture is composed primarily of wood and white tones.

3. The true size of the home is made apparent in this image, and we also get a better look at the spiral staircase that brings a stark modern, almost industrial touch to the room.

4. Stepping away from the living space and into the kitchen/dining area, the designers have stuck with the wood-and-white theme and kept it beautifully minimal.

5. The natural light streaming lightly into this space brings a delicate beauty to the otherwise modern structure, and the incorporation of plant life suits perfectly.

6. Our first look at the bathroom shows once again that wood-and-white is the go-to in this home. This room expertly finds the line between relaxing and rejuvenating.

7. A second look shows that as we have a significant amount of light coming in, palms and plants have been included—which is a wonderful way to add a feeling of life and energy to a room.

8. We finish up with a look at the exterior, which is dripping with cubist influence while maintaining a soft, Asian style.

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