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We've said it before and we'll say it again—small does not have to mean limited. Sure, when there aren't many square metres to work with, you'll likely have to make a few compromises but this doesn't mean downgrading the way you want to live in any way. It's all about finding the nooks and crannies, maximising the rooms and ensuring that each step is considered. Don't fill spaces with clutter, don't overreach and make sure you have a simple design theme in mind when decorating or buying furniture. This apartment, designed by Chantal Forzatti Architetto, is a perfect example of a small space that has been pushed to its full potential, all without taking it too far. Blending the Scandinavian and classic design schools and playing with a few clever storage hacks, the result we see is as breathtaking as it is smart.  

1. Opting for a loft is a great idea in a small apartment, as it obviously adds a lot of usable space.

2. By going for a loft, the designers have allowed space for a living room that is not at all over crowded.

3. This also means the creation of a staircase, which adds a stylish element to the space and opens up a nice storage area underneath.

4. For a small apartment, the kitchen is actually quite large and we love that they've added some character to it via the tiles and splashback.

5. From this angle we can see the storage space that has been added underneath the staircase, which is is spacious but not at all overbearing.

6. Swinging the camera around 360 degrees we get a much better idea of how the whole apartment comes together, and just how clever it is.

7. A long, thin space can be difficult to work with when it comes to the bathroom, but they've kept it simple and slim to ensure the space is as usable as possible.

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