Tips to beautify a tiny one-room apartment

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Why do we choose to live in a one-bedroom apartment? Because major cities are facing a huge space crunch and urban houses are available only at a premium. More often than not, our means fail to live up to our needs. Or perhaps for some of us, it is only a transitory shelter, a sort of a place to call home for two to three years before moving on to a different destination altogether. 

Rented apartments do not appeal and we need a shelter to call our own. The reasons for living in a one bedroom apartment could be many, but the source of motivation for decorating it is rooted in our irresistible need of beautifying our surroundings irrespective of the situation we find ourselves in.

Many people in central Asia live in a tent known as ger or yurt. Being tents these are portable and are set up only for the span they occupy a specific place. Yet, that does not prevent them to exquisitely decorate the interior of these gers with opulent rugs and other handcrafted decorative items. 

This tendency also helps human beings to make their surroundings more habitable and intimate. Moreover, it shows however small the space is it really can be decorated in a lovely fashion. Your one room apartment can also be decked up in similar ways if you only care to follow the steps mentioned below!

Get rid of the barriers

When you are occupying a small space like a one bedroom or studio apartment you should strive hard to get rid of any concrete barriers. Interior walls do occupy space and hampers the free flowing of natural light and air. This makes your apartment look more cramped than it actually is. 

If you must have some kind of privacy use foldable screens or curtains to shield the private area from the public part of the apartment. A glass wall like this one designed by Eugeny Chekhov also looks stylish for a small apartment.

Find ways to win additional space

Think of winning additional space that can give your interior a bit more expansive feel. Perhaps you can tuck your dining parlour in the covered terrace area. If the ceilings are high enough you can volumetrically distribute the space to create storage units or bunk beds above the existing living space. 

You can think of having a loft within the apartment itself and build your entertainment zone, reading room or home office there. Thoroughly check the layout of your apartment to make suitable uses of every inch of the available space.

Build a tiny but trendy kitchen

Working in a small kitchen is perhaps the most difficult of all tasks you are expected to perform in a studio or one bedroom apartment. Once again the trick is to make the best use of the available of space. Set elaborate storage units, small stoves and utensils sufficient for the number of people going to occupy the space. 

Use neutral colours or white which would give it a breezier feel. Mirrored surfaces for the cabinets can also be used to make it look more spacious than actual. Try to have a bit more storage spaces for utensils and modern amenities than you need at the moment as these will surely increase with time.

Create functional areas

Look how clever designing and creation of functional zones make this Parisian attic planned by Cristina Velani look surprisingly roomy. The hall area is diving into a kitchen, dining and entertainment zone while a bunk bed is tucked over the passage behind. Windows facing each other flood the space with light and make its modern rustic interior feel amiable. 

There are even spaces left for few decorative elements in the wall mounted shelves. Dedicate bigger spaces to those sections where you plan to spend maximum time. You may love to have the bedroom downstairs and create a hobby area on the loft above. It all depends how you prefer living in your one bedroom apartment.

Make full use of the capacity

Have furniture that doubles up as storage units; sofas that can be turned into a comfortable bed; dining table that can used as study table; coffee table and stools which you can use to store magazines and stationeries. Do not overlook any of your present necessities and those that may crop up in near future. 

You can create bookcases above the windows; cabinets by the doors; mount the wardrobe on one of the spare walls. If you are a shopaholic, moderate your habits. Understand you may not have space to accommodate so many items at present. Donate those that are no longer in use. That way you will be able to avoid clutter.

Picture perfect

This one bedroom apartment designed by Studio Volkov occupies only 35 sq metres. The box by the lounge area is actually the bedroom. It has sliding doors with mirrored surfaces. Opposite to it is a small kitchen. Minimalist Scandinavian décor and white surfaces give the area a roomy feel. This cosy apartment is built for a couple. When done rightly, a nicely decorated one room apartment can be your new style statement where you will no longer need to complain about the lack of space. 

If at times it feels limiting, step outside. Take a walk in the nearby park or the promenade and connect with the greater world. It will add a refreshing touch to your day and will reaffirm your kinship with the world. See how this couple made a fine home out of a one bedroom apartment in Vigo’s urban landscape.

Which one of these is most needed in your studio apartment? Let us know in the comments below!

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