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What is now universally acclaimed as Scandinavian moderne or modern Scandinavian design is a product of trends that began in 1930s. A clear shift from decorative arts to a so called humanistic aesthetic became evident in the 1930 Stockholm Exhibition. A fierce schism between “funkis” (functional) and “tradis” (traditional) values was born. A blend of craft process with commercial productions gave birth to industrial arts. Home interiors prepared to introduce more sunshine, lightweight metallic or teak furniture based on necessity and very little ornamentation. 

Though often considered an “outsider” to Scandinavian design trend, it is apt to recall one of 20th century’s most influential designers Verner Panton’s words in this regard. “The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination. Most people spend their lives living in dreary, grey-beige conformity, mortally afraid of using colours. By experimenting with lighting, colours, textiles and furniture and utilising the latest technologies, I try to show new ways, to encourage people to use their fantastic imagination and make their surroundings more exciting.”

In their own ways Scandinavian designers are trying to give our homes a chic makeover for close to a century now. Today, we are going to reveal how exactly you can borrow ideas from their repertoire to give your home an authentic Scandinavian look.

Maximise the flow of natural light

Susceptible to cold climate almost three quarter of a year, Nordic homes love natural sunlight and look forward to welcoming them in every nook and corner of their home interior. Other parts of the world, like tropical countries and warmer cities, may or may not share such enthusiasm of naturally sun kissed interior. But it is very important that your Scandinavian home must have large windows and doors to let natural light and air in. When necessary use curtains, blinds or shutters to shield your rooms from harsh sunlight and protect your privacy. This way you will keep your home naturally disinfected and free of molds, rots and stains. You will also have additional advantage of having panoramic views of the surrounding.

Get simple and stylish furniture

Courtesy the design philosophies of Hans Wegner, Grete Jalk and Arne Jacobsen our homes no longer look as it used to half a century earlier. Whether we set out to intentionally design a Scandinavia inspired home or not, we prefer having those stylish and lightweight furniture for our modern apartments. Our houses are no longer built in grand proportions of the past either. These furniture proves to be such space savers, lightweight, portable and fashionable that every contemporary house heartily welcome them in its interior. As we have already seen, modern Scandinavian design emphasises more on functionality and less of decorative features which seems to be so much in tune with the time we are living in.

Incorporate colour

Those long winter days are dreadful enough. Endlessly looking on over the cheerless strips of snowy fields feels dreary. It would have been too dull to create that same humourless atmosphere in the interior of a house too. Scandinavian design loves controlled splashes of colour. All white interior may look stylish for a certain period of time, but may turn out to be monotonous in the long run. Try to incorporate colour in your interior according to Scandinavian style. It will add much needed variety and spice in life. If not sure about how to colour up the interior of your home, see this post here.

Think of simple storage solutions

Think of adding new storage solutions or renovating the older ones. Give your shelves and bookcases a coat of fresh paint. Sort out the books, household items, crockery and decorative elements. Simple and lightweight shelves can help to resolve your storage concerns, hideaway the clutter and complement the other furniture of a room. Use the empty corners of a room, loft space and under stair area to build these storage units. See how the tv cabinet cum storage unit in Cedar House, designed by ETC Urban, acts as a focal point in the entire room.

Wooden details and elements

Have wooden chairs, dining table, lighting fixtures, cabinets or kitchen island in your Scandinavian styled home. Depending upon the suitability and cost of overhauling, you can also consider having wood panelled walls, floors or stair. Scandinavians love nature and things that are organic. Having wooden elements at home help them to connect with nature even while staying indoors. You too will not be able escape the charm of the wood.

Use some DIY items

And by this I mean having items actually made by you and not bought from stores! Is there a better way of personalising a space than this? From lamp shades like these in the image above, small corner tables, blankets to earthen pots this could amount to anything. It really depends on what you love doing and may have fun in creating. You can actually find talents in you never really knew existed before. You can seek help from your family members too, but try to use your skills to the maximum possible extent.

Cosy cushions

Buy cosy cushions like these by Ookinhetpaars and throws for your sofa, chairs and bed. Cushions in subtle colours but interesting motifs will add refreshing touches to the interior of your home. Since these are easily changeable you can spruce up the interior by altering them in various combinations every now and then. Have fun time decorating the interiors, for the joy you feel are surely going to transmit in the elements of your home. Refurbishing can at times be tedious, but with such rewarding results you sure will find it less arduous than at other times.

Use these tips to create a stylish Scandinavian interior complete with large glass windows, lightweight furniture, wooden elements, cosy cushions a...

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