5 extreme house transformations to inspire your own

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Knock down and completely rebuild or simply renovate and rehabilitate? This is the question that so many potential homeowners have to ask themselves, as well as their trusted architect! You might think that you've bought an outdated house that is way beyond converting, but wait! We've got five amazing renovation projects to show you today that could convince you to update instead of replace!

If you think you could have it in you to renovate a building, take a look at these before and after pictures and see what is possible, with a decent budget and a little imagination!

1. Before: the drab side of the 1960s.

This building, from the 1960s, has integrated itself perfectly into the surroundings, but that doesn't make it pretty! Very boring, outdated and just a little sad, this home needed to be seriously upgraded, but you won't believe what it became!

1. After: the modern age!

WOW! You just can't tell that this is the same house AT ALL! In terms of being the poster child for home renovations, this one really is it! it's just so contemporary now.

In addition to the amazing facade, sustainability has been taken into account as well, with a pellet heating system and heating-assist solar thermal energy was installed. In addition, the house has controlled ventilation with heat recovery AND a rainwater harvesting system! 

2. Before: the ultimate blank canvas.

Isn't it strange that here, the garden gets more attention than the house? That's because there is nothing extraordinary or even that pretty about the property. At the very least, there is a lot of space to work with here, which is a bonus!

2. After: unrecognisable change!

If we didn't know that this article was all about converting houses and before and after pictures, we wouldn't believe that this is the same property! A totally new and fascinating facade has been created here, along with beautiful flat roofs and there is such a newfound focus on beauty there that we are staggered. larger, prettier and inspiring, this is the sort of house transformation we won't ever forget.

3. Before: an unfussy farmhouse.

Old rural buildings have their very own charm, with red brick facades and pretty tiled roofs always radiating a special kind of style, but they are so often left to wither away instead of fulfilling their potential. So many people choose to renovate a farmhouse these days and you're about to see why. 

3. After: a fanciful facade.

While the basic layout and shape has remained the same here, just look how much more homey, inviting and warm this farmhouse is, post renovation! Traditional shuttered windows, a red pantile roof and wooden elements keep the heritage of the buildings alive, but a sleek cream render has brought such clean modernity into play as well. Inside, this home has been beautifully modernised as well.

4. Before: brown and boring!

Oh no! This is such a sad and depressing townhouse! Outdated, brown and unkempt, this home just looks really down and out, which a terraced property never should! Even is the garden had been neat, it wouldn't have saved this sad facade!

4. After: a breath of fresh air.

How amazing is this transformation? With pastel blue wood cladding in place, this home has gone from the saddest house on the street to the most stylish! It looks terrifically fresh now and with a flat roof in place, the energy efficiency has been improved by around 70% according to the architects. We wonder how many of the neighbouring homes were given a similar makeover!

5. Before: a standard bungalow.

Everything about this house is as we would expect an old fashioned bungalow to be. The facade isn't interesting, the inside layout was a little impractical and overall, it just looks like a house for older people! Just wait though, as we have saved the most dramatic transformation for last!

5. After: something unexpected!

Where did the boring and standard bungalow go? Not only has colour been added to this facade, but a second floor has been opened up as well, making this house totally unrecognisable. Taking inspiration from modern art, the shapes, materials and hues used here are striking and unusual and certainly keep you guessing, but somehow, it really works! Thank goodness the owners renovated, instead of bulldozing!

For more transformations, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and after: 5 magical terrace transformations!

Are you feeling a little more inspired to renovate a house now?

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