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The apartment that we are about to introduce today is inspired by the colours of Provence, France. Speak of Provence and the images of lavender fields spreading till the horizon appears in our mind’s eye. Then there are those vivid yellow ochre land of Roussillon, lush green vineyards, azure blue depth just beyond the coastline of Côte d’Azur and luscious ruddiness of rosé to keep you engaged all day long. Since the days of Paul Cezanne nobody has managed to capture the beauty Provence in so impactful terms.

The difficulties of transferring the essence of Provence countryside to a city far away from its sun kissed existence are many. But the owners were adamant to have a bit of Provence within the four walls of their apartment. Fortunately for them, they found a designer who looks forward to such challenges. U-Style Design Studio has given shape to many dreams far more audacious than that. The designer found the exact recipe suited to their customer’s tastes and a vibrantly colourful apartment interior was arranged.

Overview of the project

This colourful apartment cannot be called a spacious one by any stretch of the imagination. But the furniture and decorative elements are so arranged that it manages to look expansive. Many of the original features of a classical building like stucco ceiling décor, marginalia and big windows have mostly been kept intact. Economy has been observed in procuring and assembling the amount of furniture and other ornamentation.

Living room

The open style living room shares its space with the dining area. Except for an accent wall with lilac grey tone, the other walls have been kept coated in white. Wooden floor is a prominent feature of the living room, or for that matter, the entire apartment. The accent wall is not only cloaked in a different shade, but is decked up with a large and intensely colourful painting. 

The cosy blue sofa is embellished with blue, white and yellow cushions. Presence of the TV on top of a mantelpiece indicates that this area doubles up as a small entertainment zone. But the fire place is now blocked with a mirrored surface and decked up with pillar candle lighting.

Dining space

The dining space boasts of a very chic and curvaceous table and accompanying chairs. Chairs are upholstered in duo tone fabric – seats with bleu de France and balloon backs with cheery floral textile. Lighting fixtures act as an ornamental feature too.

Like the lounge area, the accent wall received generous attention from the designer. Here it is decorated with book shelves – an essential element of any home. These shelves, however, are also decked up with small sculptures and ornaments. If you wish to decorate your home with such beautiful decorative items then you must not forget checking some of our suggestions presented here.


The small kitchen, an extension of the dining area itself, is regally designed in succulent berry red and milky white shades. Stone floor, wooden worktop and white storage cabinets offset any risk of excess. The bar stools are another magnificent feature of this remarkably decorated small kitchen. Copper pendant lighting and elegant curtains prove to be cherries on top.


Thanks to the wooden floor and warm yellow accent walls the geniality of the atmosphere flows uninhibited in the private confinement of the bedroom too. The cosily upholstered and cushioned bed also boasts of a fashionable design. Wardrobe, set next to one of the walls, is kept unfussy and clothed in white to avoid clutter. Besides the table lamps, a gorgeous chandelier immediately catches everyone’s attention.

A different perspective

The bedroom window, covered with graceful curtains and adorned with potted plants, deserves a special mention. It is surrounded by shelves having neatly organised books, stationery and a handful of decorative objects. The underside of the window is styled with a dresser and storage units.

Kid’s room

Though decorated with very few objects, the cheerful ambience of the kid’s room is quite obvious. A small sofa with colourful cushions is the only furniture for this part of the room. The wall is embellished with another vibrant animal painting. A beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling further beautifies the space.


Except for blue and florid tiles, the bathroom has hardly any ornamentation. Due the smallness of size, it is kept almost exclusively white to create an expansive looking space. A large mirror helps in the matter too. Once again, pendant lighting fixtures prove to be a nice decorative element for this small bathroom.

This stylish urban apartment steeped in the colours of Provence is decked up with fashionable furniture, graceful lighting fixtures, lavish decorat...

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