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It is an old adage that a person who enjoys a meal on time and can sleep peacefully on time is the luckiest of all. The mad rush that we forever subject ourselves to is making these two apparently simple activities of life even more precious than before. English author Charles Caleb Colton has an unusual observation about bed. He says, “Bed is a bundle of paradoxes; we go to it with reluctance, yet we quit it with regret; and we make up our minds every night to leave it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late.”  

However, we need to have a bed which takes away all the fatigue accumulated throughout the day and rejuvenate us for the next. True, we may only reluctantly leave it on the following morning, but without it there could be even greater fears of inviting a host of nervous and muscular disorders for ourselves. Sometime back we learned to decorate a bedroom the vastu way to invite health and happiness in life. Today, we will learn to prepare our beds the right way to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Choose the right bedstead

A creaking and popping bed never allows anyone to sleep well. So consider investing in a new bedstead if your existing one is showing signs of weariness. Though wooden bed frame is the commonest of all even today, a variety of other options are available as well. Cheap metal, wrought iron, acrylic and engineered wood all fall into the later category. Mahogany, rosewood, sandalwood, cedar, pine and a variety of other high quality wood can be used to create a beautiful bedstead that is both organic and timeless. 

Quality wrought iron bedstead or a combination of wrought iron and wood can also be used. Highly fashionable veneer wood beds are flooding the market everyday. You may choose any one of them according to your tastes and budget. But ensure having a full size bedstead for comfortable sleep night after night.

Add a stylish headboard

A stylish headboard can really transform the interior of your bedroom. Even a century or so ago, craftsmen used their highly evolved skills to meticulously carve one-of-its-kind headboards out of wood. Many of these pieces can now be seen in the museums or auction houses. In modern time, you can choose to have any one of the following type of headboards for your cot:

- Freestanding – a headboard that comes separately from the bedstead. These can be upholstered with suitable fabric for a more polished look.

- Fixed – is mounted with the wall or is part of the bedstead. Both of these are generally framed in wood.

- Wingback – this type has high back and side wings that exude pure gracefulness.

- Tufted – quilted headboard studded with buttons or grommet. These are particularly popular nowadays.

Consider having a four poster bed

Ornate four poster or four poster canopy beds were once a staple of many homes. This type of beds first evolved in the Middle East. Since the beginning of 13th century it became very popular in Europe. While canopy beds are more appropriate for regions that continue to experience colder climates, four poster beds can be used anywhere. 

You can custom build one for yourself or buy one from the antique shops. This will bring back touches of old world glamour in your bedroom. See how Junor Arquitectos used this beautifully carved four poster bed to decorate one of the bedrooms of Casa Martindale. Deck up your four poster bed by hanging curtains made of high quality muslins, organza or other lacy fabric.

Invest in quality mattresses

Buy appropriate mattress for your bed and, for the sake of your health, be prepared to spend a reasonable sum on this. Too soft or tough mattress can cause severe back and neck pain. With prolong use this can cause considerable damage to the spine. Various types of mattresses are available in the market with each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

- Innerspring mattresses use steel coils covered with padding and upholstery. Greater number of coils ensure greater support.

- Foam mattresses are made of polyurethane foam or latex. These are available in a variety of shapes and thicknesses.

- Memory foam mattress made of viscoelastic material is sensitive to temperature and fits the shape of your body. 

- Traditional Asian mattresses are made of cotton or, at times, bird feather. More than one layer of it can be used on a bed. It naturally absorbs sweat and moisture keeping the bed odour free. But for the same reason it should be spread under warm sunlight without which it can get mouldy.

Make sure the height of your cot plus the mattress is comfortable and you do not need to reach too low to sit on it.

Have snug pillows and cushions

Your pillows should not be too firm or too soft. It should not be high or too low either. Any one of these is sufficient to cause stiff neck or back pain. You can buy pillows with latex, gel, buckwheat, foam or feather stuffing. Synthetic materials sometime cause allergies. Like mattresses, traditional Asian pillows use fluffy cotton as pillow stuffing. This is still an excellent option for those living in such places that experience long and sweaty summer.

Buy appropriate bed sheets

But which one is an “appropriate” bed sheet? One that feels soothing, causes no irritation to the skin, feels comfortable in hot or cold, is easily washable and complements the décor of your room. When it comes to bed sheet premium quality cotton is considered the best option. The fabric is soft, luxurious, causes no allergic reaction, has superior moisture absorption capabilities, can be washed at home and is available in a variety of colours and styles. 

Organic linen proves another good option. A combination of cotton and polyester is being increasingly favoured. Though they are affordable they lack the same qualities of pure cotton or linen. Satin bed sheets can be used on special occasions. Intricately embroidered silk ones are also not for regular use, but can be spread on bed to create a very special ambience in your bedroom.

Choose the right bed frame, stylish headboard, luxurious bed furnishings, cosy cushions and organic bed sheets to ensure a good night's rest in a c...

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