A duplex apartment with a view of Thames

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Courtesy the soaring house prices, real estate markets of London and the southeast and east of England always remain in the news. This year, it is expected to rise once again and the trend is supposed to continue for the next decade too. A statistics published in mid-January suggested 300% rise in property prices in some prominent areas of London since 1995. Under the circumstances, it is genuinely a privilege to own a house or an apartment in a notable location of this historical city.

The owners of this duplex apartment managed to do just that. Once acquired, they wanted to ensure that it undergoes a thorough refurbishment according to their needs and tastes. Hartmann Designs Ltd was given the responsibility of transforming this apartment into a chic and relaxing home. The owners insisted on having only the highest quality of materials for their cosy apartment. We will now conduct a brief reconnaissance to see how the project unfolded.


Like all major city apartments, this one too is plagued by a lack of sufficient space. The designer not only needed to compensate for that, but also create a stylish abode that answers for every need of a small family. It portrays a modern Scandinavian décor. Use of bold colours is limited, decorative objects are seen few and far between, but the subtle variation of texture of the different materials in use create a fashionable ambience. A generous view of the city’s skyline can be obtained from the bedroom windows.

Living room

The cheerful ambience of the living room is augmented by the presence of a cosy sofa, stylish chair and coffee table. The wooden floor is part covered with a monochromatic rug. Valance lighting, ceiling mounted spotlights and a table lamp brighten up the small space on foggy mornings and late evenings. Simple geometric ceiling decor and laminated photographs act as precious ornamentation.


The kitchen shows an interesting interplay of dark mahogany colour and ultra glossy marble worktop. Though small in size, the smart décor makes it a hearty place to cook up healthy breakfasts and mouth watering meals at different points of time in a day. It is liberally blessed with sunshine from the outside which helps to maintain a dry and hygienic space.

Dining space

The dining area is adjacent to the kitchen. It is decked up with fancy chairs, lightweight glass top table and a cosily cushioned bench. An entire wall is covered with mirrors to create a deception of expansiveness. The large glass doors and windows also help to brighten up the area.

Access to the private quarters

The staircase with its glass steps, metallic railing and mirrored wall create a kind of illusion. The walls are embellished with small framed paintings. This gives access to the second floor level of the apartment.


The master bedroom is stylised with a simple but comfortable cot, snug cushions, modish lighting fixtures, a lightweight chair and a large window with lively views of the world outside. A glass door gives access to the en suite bathroom. This simple arrangement serves it well as it lacks sufficient space for a more elaborate décor.


The bathroom fulfils all the requirements of a modern home. Once again, a predominance of mirrored surfaces and metallic sheen is observed. Wooden floor and laminated wall induce a sense of geniality in the atmosphere.

Second bedroom

The second bedroom boasts of similar décor much like the master bedroom and even the views of the outside. With a hint of grey jazzing up the walls, a slight change in mood is observed. Elegant side tables serve as essential elements of décor and ornamentation. Simple sculptural pieces and illustration strive to spice up the interiors.

A quite nook

The corner decorated with a solo chair, trendy stool, lighting fixture and flower vase deserves a special mention. It shows how simple means can be used effectively to create a luxurious space. If you would love to have some more ideas of decorating the empty corners of your room you may prefer having a look at this article.

Second bathroom

The en suite bathroom is fitted with mosaic and granite wall. The oval mirror acts as a decorative piece itself. Modish wash basins coupled with simple vanity units give it a remarkable look. A minimum of objects can be seen employed with maximum effect in this cosy London apartment.

This duplex apartment of London overlooking the city's skyline and River Thames is decorated with modern furniture, stylish lighting fixtures and p...
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