6 Modern Kitchen Must-Haves

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The humble kitchen has come a long way since its inception during the Middle Ages. Back then cooking spaces were cramped, hot, and due to poor ventilation, prone to spontaneous ignition.  These areas were a far cry from the luxury and opulence we see today, they were dangerous, cloistered, and highly undesirable places to spend one’s time. A general lack of education surrounding hygiene meant these small rooms were malodourous and unpleasant, completely at odds with the welcoming kitchen aesthetic that we see today.  Moreover, it is because of these unpleasant food odours that kitchens were more often than not situated as far away from the living quarters as possible. From the early Middle Ages right up until the turn of the century, kitchens remained a hidden part of everyday life. They were shunned from the other more formal living areas of the home, until the ‘20s to ‘30s when the layout and floorplan of a dwelling began to change. Kitchens slowly became a living space in their own right, and instead of hiding, tucked away, they became a way to display wealth and sophistication.

Fast forward to today and our kitchens are a requisite must-have to contemporary life. They are open plan, sleek, and impressive. A large kitchen is often seen as a ‘trophy’, and something an individual or family can be proud to own. The modern kitchen is replete with a host of fabulous amenities, from large islands, walk-in pantries, and huge fridges to all manner of appliances. The 21st century household is proud of its kitchen, and individuals go to great lengths to ensure their cooking space is more than an area to simply prepare and cook food.

Today on homify we are taking a look at 6 common elements that produce the ultimate modern kitchen. From islands to open shelves, take a peek below for some inspirational interiors and fabulous cooking spaces.

Functional flooring

The flooring within a kitchen determines not only its practicality but also its overall aesthetic and ambience. For a truly modern atmosphere industrial flooring is a tried and tested choice. Floors support and direct the aura of a room, and with a durable industrial floor, you are sure to evoke a sense of efficiency and cleanliness.

Industrial flooring includes polished concrete, large tiles, and other high slip-resistance durable flooring.  When you are cooking a meal for multiple individuals slip-resistant flooring is a must-have, and can drastically decrease kitchen related mishaps. Additionally, industrial flooring withstands wear and tear, can resist scratches and discolouration, while also being hypoallergenic.

Interesting islands

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two DUA Architecture LLP Modern kitchen
DUA Architecture LLP

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two

DUA Architecture LLP

Historically, kitchen islands would have been simply a large table situated within the centre of the room. These days we have purpose built joinery and cabinetry with spaces and storage for all manner of cooking and kitchen appurtenances. Islands can really transform a kitchen, and these days there are numerous options and styles available.

If you are looking to impart a sense of rustic country charm into your modern kitchen, you should think about a standalone timber table, or workman’s bench. These look fabulous and evoke comfort and charisma. If however you want something a little more contemporary consider a bespoke freestanding island like the one in the example above.

Lovely lighting

Every modern kitchen needs to be well-lit in order to be efficient and comfortable. But what sort and type of lighting is appropriate? Generally, within a kitchen you want bright lighting. Now that doesn't mean you need to go out and install an array of cold blue-light fluorescents , rather you want delicate illumination that covers the worktops and provides a comfortable place to prepare food. 

If you have ever been inside a commercial kitchen you will know that there are few spaces that are not illuminated. When preparing and cooking food you want to be able to see what you are doing, and lighting is of the utmost importance. Lighting can literally make or break the practicality and efficiency of a cooking space, and therefore you might want to think about consulting a lighting professional, who can advise the correct wattage, volume, number of lights, and positioning etc.

open shelving

Open shelving has been a popular trend for a while now. What was once only seen in either commercial kitchens or historic rustic homes is now a common sight in various kitchen designs. From contemporary dwellings to heritage spaces, a modern kitchen truly exudes practicality and sophistication with stylish open shelves.

Open shelving has many additional benefits as well, it allows commonly used items to be kept within easy reach, and ensures smart functionality within your kitchen. The example above is a fabulous illustration of a modern kitchen that has employed open shelves to not only increase the stylishness of the cooking space, but boost its versatility too.

Fabulous fridges

Gone are the days of the large white behemoth refrigerator covered in magnets from family holiday destinations. If you want a stylish kitchen you need a sophisticated place to keep your food chilled. The fridge is one of the most important appliances you will buy for your modern kitchen. These days there exists a plethora of different designs, each with their own advantages and different features. 

When choosing a fridge for your kitchen, think about the most important aspects that will suit you and your family. Do you cook a lot of meals, stocks, or soups, and need somewhere to freeze them? Or perhaps you live with your partner and dine out regularly? If you require a large freezer you might want to consider a side by side system, whereas if you dine out frequently, you might want something smaller and more energy efficient. 

There are plenty of different features to consider as well. Ice makers, digital temperature controls, power freeze options, Wi-Fi and even televisions are popular inclusions in modern fridges, and should be considered before purchase.

Leave some space for tech!

Finally, the modern kitchen needs a space for technology. Contemporary homes are replete with a host of modern conveniences and amenities and one’s kitchen is no exception! If you are planning on renovating or updating your cooking space, remember to consider all your technological requirements. More than simply appliances, modern kitchens often have designated areas for televisions and other neat inclusions such as sound systems, integrated lighting, and even cuisine specific appliances, like flat grills for teppanyaki.

We hope this Ideabook provided you with some interesting ideas and inspiration for your new kitchen! If you would like to continue reading, we recommend checking out:Kitchen island inspiration

What are your must-have kitchen items? Let us know in the comments below!

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