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It is a common complaint of many householders that bathroom renovations involve too much time, draining of money and hassles. So they often tend to give their living room, dining area, bedroom and even kitchen a periodic makeover. But when it comes to remodelling the bathroom, they simply dither. Yet, it is one place that always needs to be in proper condition and hygienic best.

You may not be one of them. You are just waiting for an appropriate opportunity of giving your bathroom a new look. If this happens to be the case, then we would suggest you begin thinking about the same. A brand new year has just begun. Dry season is still continuing which is an ideal item to carry out any renovation work within the house or outside of it.

A long season full of many festive occasions is ahead of us. You will have plenty of opportunities to showcase your home in the best of light. But this would not be possible without some renovating the interior of your bathrooms. You need not worry. The following tips are going to save you money, time and a lot of worries during the renovation project. However do remember to,

Plan well in advance

Any renovation project involves considerable brainstorming, more so, for those involving kitchen and bathrooms. Remodelling these areas are supposed to be permanent at least for a few years within which only simple touch ups can be done. So plan well in advance about the changes you wish to introduce in your bathroom. May be, you are not thinking of remodelling them all at once. Pick the one that requires urgent renovation. It could be your en suite bathroom, the guest bathroom, one at the staff quarters or the spa bathroom that you have built nearly a decade ago. 

Think of the décor that will be suitable for its small confinement and will also be in accordance to the house or apartment. Many condominium dwellers need advance permissions for any kind of renovation work. Check with your local building laws and have a talk with the authorities of housing complex. Keep a budget in mind and try sticking to it.

Check for any hidden problem

Check for those concerns that are not apparent at the moment, but would cause considerable distress later. Weak or leaking pipes, damp walls from previous leakages, structural deficiencies of the walls or floor, cracks or chips on the flooring, deformed tiles, eroded metallic objects like door hinges, window sills etc are something you will have to remediate before trying to redecorate your bathroom. 

Change those bathroom fixtures like taps, shower heads, towel rods or wash basin that are beginning to show signs of weariness. Mend the dripping taps. They lead to enormous water wastage. Though some of these may look reasonably innocuous now, when left untended for some time they would prove to be a costly mistake.

Begin the paintwork

Painting the interior is the best way of shielding your bathroom walls and ceiling from constant exposure to moisture. Choosing the right paint also makes cleaning easier. Opt for an appropriate colour palette depending on the size of your bathroom and décor. While picking a colour scheme keep in the mind the shades of the sanitary fittings. If you have a small bathroom select shades that are light and are capable of bouncing off light easily. Darker paints are more appropriate for larger bathrooms. 

Choose a semi gloss, satin or egg shell finish that will give your walls a luxurious look. You can consider embellishing the accent wall with decorative tiles, mosaic or stones. A part of every wall can also be decorated the same way. See how flower power has given this bathroom designed by Ramón Soler a cheerful look. Granite, sandstones and marble look lavish. Wood gives a chic makeover to any bathroom wall.

Think of various ventilation methods

Sufficient fresh air and sunlight ensures a germ free interior with no mold, dampness or bad odour. You may already have a window ventilating the area. But could there be any other way of welcoming fresh air and natural light in this space? Installing skylights is an excellent way of bringing in natural lights in bathrooms with small windows. Having ventilators close to the ceiling is one age old method that you may resort to.

Many small apartments have bathrooms without windows or only tiny ones that cannot be opened at all. Bathroom exhaust fans are a must in such cases. Small ceiling fans will help in quick drying of the space as well. Soffit vents are also useful in these cases.

Restyle your old shelves

Give a new look to your bathroom shelves or consider investing in a brand new vanity unit. If space is not a constraining factor, you may think of having an old fashioned bathroom closet with elaborate designs. You can select any one of the following as well:

- Simple shelves mounted on the wall or under a table, finished with stylish wood or laminated in a complementary colour.

- Traditional cabinets with a mirror and / or dressing table. 

- Classy wooden vanities with a marble or granite stone top.

Maintain a neat and uncluttered look just as you do for the rest of your living area.

Introduce greenery

Have potted plants, interior sanctuary, vertical garden or fresh flowers in your bathroom. You can also have a combination of these to naturally freshen up the interior. Think of plants that have superior moisture absorbing capabilities and are also aromatic. If you are seeking some low maintenance options then bring home sansevieria, spider plant, fern, bamboo, aspidistra or philodendron. 

When natural light is less than sufficient begonia, weeping fig and aloe vera will be welcome additions to your bathroom. Orchid species like vanda, sophronitis and paphiopedilum have great moisture absorption capabilities but would only feel comfortable in a sunny bathroom.

Accessorise well

Add a stylish mirror. You can use one with an intricate wooden or bronze frame. If your bathroom boasts of a contemporary look, choosing one with a minimal or no frame might be a better idea. For a more dramatic effect you may buy one with LED display or backlit LED panel. Instead of same boring round and rectangular ones, play with the shapes too. To give your bathroom a lavish classical facelift see these tips.

For a romantic ambience, place fragrant candles and suitable pendant lighting. Valance lighting too gives a cheery feeling in a bathroom with modern features. Add a small sculpture or a wax figurine. Choose articles that are not moisture adverse. Enjoy having a relaxing bath in calm surroundings.

Give a new look to your old bathroom with an appropriate colour scheme, new methods of ventilation, moisture absorbing plants, decorative items, sh...

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