Revealed: The secrets of giving your home a seductive makeover

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They say it is love, “it is love that makes the world go round”. You ought to know better, because we see you are busy planning for a seductive home where you can spend your days in the sweet company of your other half. Planning for a sensuous interior décor is not so difficult. The mutual love and respect you share for each other are going to create an atmosphere full of tenderness and geniality anyway. All you need to do is to take care of a few small aspects of design to ensure happiness and well being for each one of you. 

A home is the most tranquil place where you two would find solace and comfort in each others’ company. That is exactly why it should be set in right order so that it evokes the right kind of spirit. After all, decorating any space is most successful when it makes everyone feel at ease without any of them knowing exactly why. Simple initiatives like giving your home a charming makeover really show how much you care for your loved one. Follow these steps and create a sensuous atmosphere that you are intending to in the interior of your house or apartment for some time now.

Change the curtains and cushion covers

Create an upbeat mood by changing the curtains and cushion covers. Choose colours and motifs that are more light hearted and cheerful. You may select abstract motifs, floral prints or geometric patterns. Alternatively, opt for shades and patterns incorporating the flavours of spring – a season that human beings find themselves eternally in love with. The choice is really yours and your partner’s with whom you are planning to share this space. You need not buy new curtains and cushions for this, though you may do so if you prefer to. You can revamp your old curtains by attaching stylish borders or laces, stitching more frills by the edges and adding colourful patchwork. Plan in such a way that it incorporates an element of joy in the surroundings.

Place a beautiful rug

Reverse view from Fireplace end of the room Chameleon Designs Interiors Living roomSofas & armchairs
Chameleon Designs Interiors

Reverse view from Fireplace end of the room

Chameleon Designs Interiors

Place a snug rug in the hallway, living room or bedroom. You can place a cosy door mat at the main door as well. Such small touches create a welcoming atmosphere without too much of a fuss. Besides, a hearty welcome makes everyone feel instantly comfortable. Your fine tastes are bound to be noticed and appreciated too. In traditional Asian culture a great emphasis is put on creating an inviting main hall or corridor. Sacred rice and vermillion marks are painted on the door to ensure well being of the guests and the host. Decorative brass lamps are placed to light up the doorway. Organic mats are spread on the floor as a gesture of warm welcome. You can take cues from such traditional practices to create a more welcoming space.

Invest in a new piece of furniture

Buy a small but suitable piece of furniture that your house needs and will appropriately set the romantic mood. It may be as simple as a coffee table, a couple of cosy chairs or as elaborate as a four poster double bed. Keep the requirements of your home in mind and to avoid creating unnecessary clutter. You may also upholster your existing sofa bed, recycle an old shelf into a new bench or table to serve bedtime tea. Keep the theme in mind while making your choices, but ensure it exudes a timeless charm.

Pep up your bedroom décor

Clean up and organise. Remove any unwanted item, remnants of old items no longer in use. Deck your bed with a fresh bed sheet, pillows and blanket. Clean the window panes and decorate it with a fresh set of curtain or blind. Place a prominent photograph or painting of an object that induces happy memories. Better still hang a brushwork or prominent message written in your own hand. Give the bedside lamps the same attention and make sure you have the right setting to make everyday feel very special. See how this bedroom planned by Gzowska Ossowska Pracownie Architektury Wnetrz invokes that romantic charm without too much of an effort. You may prefer at looking into these tips to create an effortlessly charming bedroom atmosphere.

Bring in the flowers

In poet Christina Rossetti’s words, “love is like a lovely rose, the world’s delight.” And, the world is in agreement with her. However, red roses need not be the only choice signifying the joyfulness of such deep affection and happy union. Red carnations, chrysanthemums, lilac, daisies all have capabilities of evoking a charming feeling and building an irresistibly lovely home. Leave a few fragrant polianthes or gladioli in the hallway. A handful of jasmines, mimusops or magnolias in a bowl of water in the lounge, bedroom and dining parlour will make their aromatic presence felt throughout the house.

And the candles

Red Rose Ball Candles Amelia Candles Living roomAccessories & decoration
Amelia Candles

Red Rose Ball Candles

Amelia Candles

A romantic house must have sweet candlelight to cheer up its interior. You may have many extremely beautiful lighting fixtures throughout your home, but humble candles, terracotta oil lamps and lanterns with intricate designs will any day surpass their more expensive counterparts in magnetic charm. You may use aromatic candles or oils to power the lamps as well. Alternatively, you can burn fragrant sandalwood, aloeswood, cinnamon or various other incense resins. They are now available in smokeless varieties. These little initiatives will help you to enjoy many flavourful days in the company of your sweetheart.

Deck up the bathroom

Master Bathroom homify Eclectic style bathroom

Master Bathroom


Do not leave your bathroom untouched. Apply these tips to redecorate it and make it suitable for the rest of the house. Tone down the lighting. Spice up the shelves. Hang a pair of new robe and bath towels. When space is not a constraining factor, place potted plants or flowers, candles and one or two decorative objects to induce a romantic spa like feeling. Play some soft music that you both like to listen to. Try to relax and soak in the beauty of the moment.

Give your home a romantic makeover. Surprise your sweetheart with your design skills. Use the comments section below and share with us your experie...

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