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Fabulous ideas of decorating an inviting hall

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Great halls were prized possessions of many classical structures. Those were used for a number of purposes like public entertainment, private parties, ball room dancing and as waiting room for the visitors. Lack of sufficient space in modern houses, except for some age old structures still in existence, made halls like these nearly extinct. These are now reduced to a small room just in front on the main door. There functions are reduced to occasionally entertaining the passing acquaintances. Most of the contemporary urban apartments have barely any halls to speak of.

However small or big, we must take care to build ourselves an inviting hall. This is the first room of a building or an apartment that guests steps in and you already know how important the initial impression is. Also, according to feng shui a welcoming hall could prove to be your gateway to good fortune. You may prefer reading this in conjunction with the article here in which we have suggested means to create a hall when there seems to be no space for it. You can also share some of these tips with your near and dear ones. Every house may have a hall of different size and shape their decorative requirements do not vary that much.

Choose suitable flooring

Use rosewood, mahogany, teak or walnut flooring to make it look warm or consider opting for premium quality marble or granite for a classical touch. Decorative tiles look magnificent too, especially when used in combination with lustrous porcelain tiles. Mosaic and terrazzo can each form a very presentable hallway. You may go for the less pricey wood and marble alternatives as well. Just make sure those do not turn out to be fragile and lose their good looks quickly. This area is going to experience considerable footfall.

Complement with appropriate wall colour

If you built highly ornamental flooring for this part of the building, paint the walls in a muted shade. Monochromatic floors with no ornamentation can be best complemented with a more energetic colour palette. However, remember that darker shades of blue, grey, green and black may make your hallway look somewhat less inviting. Dark shades will also turn your hall into a narrower space than it actually is. So opt for these shades only if your hall is sizeable enough. Otherwise, limit those to accents. Wallpapers with subtle motifs will give your hall a cheerful appearance. Wood panels can also help in creating a charming hallway. 

Have a hall table

Place a console table next to your accent wall and give it a grand appearance. You may use a classical style carved wooden console table with or without gilded legs and marble top. Choose this option only if the rest of your house possesses a classical décor. Otherwise, select one of its contemporary versions which is more suitable to modern structures. You may even replace it with a polished bench or make use of this space as additional storage area by opting for a fancy dresser. Wall mounted hall table will also look great if availability of space is a concern. Wood is the most favoured material for this, but you may consider a combination of wood and wrought iron for a chic and lightweight finish.

Make seating arrangements

People can be extremely weary after a long journey or while waiting for someone. Having chairs in the hall will help them to rest their sore feet. Place only a couple of chairs or stools by the door or on either side of your hall table. A bench would be another good choice for this purpose. Select a stylish looking one with cosy upholstery. Remember to match it up with the rest of the décor. A grand hall may afford a formal sofa, but opt for that only if you receive a lot of visitors here. You may not like to convert your hall into another living room.

Use stylish lighting fixtures

Private Villa, Surrey Keir Townsend Ltd. Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Keir Townsend Ltd.

Private Villa, Surrey

Keir Townsend Ltd.

Use suitable lighting fixtures to brighten up the area. If possible, have large glass paned windows secured with decorative grills on both sides of your main door. This will light up the atmosphere in the daytime. When privacy is a concern make use of tinted glass or mesh curtains. You can use conventional chandeliers or pendant lighting either of which has great aesthetic value. Have table lamps and candles placed on your console table. See how this house designed by Keir Townsend Ltd makes use of floor lamps to brighten up the mood. A combination of table lamp or ceiling mounted spot light will also look gorgeous for this space.

Place a rug or an organic mat

Use a small one just in front of the door if you wish to show off your beautiful flooring. Alternatively, think of using a traditional kilim in the centre of the hall. Use a round shaped one to create a variation. This will not only give your hall a special look, but will also keep off dusts and grime of the street to a certain extent. Besides, rugs have acoustics benefit which is a desired quality for modern apartments or single storey buildings.

Introduce graceful decorative features

Depending on the availability of space introduce elegant decorative features like a prominent mirror, few candles, flowers or potted plants. If you happen to be an artist or photographer you can show off some of your own skills here. A prominent sculptural piece appropriate to the proportion of the room would also create an atmosphere of warmth and geniality. Keep it minimal and proper to the mood you are willing to create. A cluttered place with many things vying for attention will defeat your whole purpose.

Take care of the main door

A charming hallway must also boast of a beautiful main door and other ones giving access to the different parts of the building. Besides, a quality door will ensure safety of your home. Use wood, iron or a combination of the two to create a beautiful outer door. You can use stained glass to beautify it further. Interior doors are best made of wood or some of its less expensive counterparts. Remember to colour coordinate each. Regularly dust off and periodically polish the main door. Take care of the hardware too and change them if you find them past their prime. Welcome your guests with a broad smile and you will have the most inviting hall than you can every dream of.

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You have learned several ways of creating a stunning hall. Why not use the comments section and let us know how you prefer to deck up your hallway?
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