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6 Creative Ways to make the most of your Flat Roof

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A mug of coffee, butterflies for company and sunlight streaming in—come spring and we all look forward to a patch of sunshine after months of winter, spent mostly indoors. For many of us urbanites, what better way to do that than to enjoy our time on balconies and terraces? But what do you do to increase the ambience and utility of your flat roof or a lone stretch of terrace space?

A Lush Roof Garden

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A flat terrace or roof top need not be a matter of concern anymore. Today, there are options galore for making the most of such spaces. Our personal favourite is using some landscaping to create a beautiful roof garden or a tranquil orchard. The use of grass matting or a call to your local nursery can easily get you some green cover. Potted plants and vibrant garden accessories can further increase the good looks quotient. Place some rattan or wrought iron furniture and you have a cosy space where you can enjoy a cup of tea or even an afternoon with your favourite book. Create a makeshift pond in another corner with tyres and reams of plastic sheet for a wholesome Zen effect! If you do have the scope, hang a hammock and a colourful sheet overhead for a shady spot – imagine a quick snooze amongst the pretty garden and you’re all set!

A Mile High Pool

Another wonderful idea for a flat roof is to install a Jacuzzi or a swimming pool – especially if it is a long stretch. Today, swimming pools are not just easy to install, but also easy to maintain with services available in virtually all metros and even smaller towns for weekly cleanups and filter plant maintenance. Place potted plants nearby or create a small rock garden at one end with a fountain spraying water down over the rocks, and you have yourself a tranquil space that will woo the water baby inside you! A Jacuzzi is also an ultimately luxurious addition to any home with the option of soaking up hours upon hours of me time! The only factor that one must consider when using this option is how safe it will be for kids if you have any at home. A sturdy entrance door to the area, that can be locked when you are away, would be a good option.

Go Environment Friendly

Solar panels installed on a flat roof are a matter of being environmentally conscious. This option is for those who want a ready supply of warm water or even lighting without burning the electricity bill and the earth’s already scarce resources. With solar panels, you make the most of the sun’s rays and its sunlight during the day. Come evening, this energy trapped and kept safe in the solar panels, become a source of energy. Meet your varied needs like warm water throughout the day and convert into lighting for some areas of your home after dusk. What better option for enjoying an environmentally friendly space?

A cup of tea, anyone?

Terrace area furniture options are all over the marketplace today and are ideal for a flat rooftop or terrace. From material to fabric, you can find various options to do up your flat roof. Get yourself a white painted wrought iron set which will give you the leeway to play around with colourful pots and plants, or find an easy to maintain option like rattan for a soothing effect. Cane furniture is also a good option but only if your space is covered. You can litter the space with colourful cushions and even a nice rug to create a space that will resonate with your taste and décor. Don’t forget to use lots of end tables to place books and mugs of steaming hot coffee. An outdoor picnic table with hunks of wood carved into benches and chairs is also a great option that can bring out oohs and aahs from your visitors as they walk in. Taking inspiration from this arrangement done by Brazil-based Biarari E Rodrigues Arquitetura E Interiores, find various options online and shop away!

Sky’s the Limit

Skylights are another wonderful option for a flat roof. Not only will it ensure that you have lots of sunlight pouring into the house at any given point, but it will also ensure that you can see the star spangled sky at any given time, evening onwards. From sunny days and overcast afternoons to moonlit skies at night – this option will take your breath away! Skylights can be easily installed and they come in various sizes and thickness. Maintenance would also include a quick glass cleaning session every once in a while.

A whole new room – a whole new world

If your flat roof is connected from the living room or has a staircase leading up to it, you can also convert it into a new room. A sunroom, done up with glass walls and lots of creepers growing all over it, and colourful curtains, is something you can enjoy over weekends and during lazy afternoons. Also, when you have a larger gathering of people at home, you can throw open the doors and enjoy a rooftop party in the quiet serenity of this room. Pretty fairy lights hung up in corners would also make it a beautiful space in the evenings. Another option for creating a new room would be to place a readymade or pre-fabricated gazebo and do it up with benches lining the sides and lots of plants and throw pillows strewn around it. A table in the middle for a quick game of Scrabble or a Sunday brunch is just what the doctor ordered too! Don’t forget to do up the staircase or passage leading up to it with some pots and plants.

We hope you have enjoyed reading up on our options for your flat roof and are now inspired to create something new and useful for yourself and your family to enjoy! And while you get busy deciding on the option you want, do remember to do a little research on the safety and utility of pieces especially where there are water and sharp edges at play.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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