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Florianopolis’ charming cityscape attracts people from all over the world. Half of the city is spread over south Brazilian mainland while the other half occupies the beautiful Santa Catarina island. This bustling city is a fascinating place to be in. It does not take long for one to discover the picturesque beaches and serene nature trails spanning miles just beyond the city’s boundary. With an aim of building a closer rapport with nature many settle down here. Tempted by the promise of a better lifestyle, quite a few come to visit this charming place. A few others come in this fertile commercial hub of Brazil to set up their own businesses.

The Florianopolis house that we are going to have a look at shortly not only boasts of several of the advantages on offer by the city’s surroundings, but an equally praiseworthy interior design. The credits for this go to Roma Arquitetura or, more precisely, the creative brains of Emilia Roettgers de Stefani and Raquel Luz Martins. They are spearheading this architectural firm for a little over 5 years now. In this short span of time, their portfolio has made a neat compilation of quite a few prestigious projects. The following happens to be only one of its many examples.


This residential project makes use of a reasonably sized plot in Córrego Grande, Florianopolis. It is another scenic area of this beautiful city traversed by an eponymous river. The tropical forest of Parque Ecológico do Córrego Grande lies close by. The house itself is surrounded by lush green landscape. The living area, consisting of several attractive features, is spread over 450 sq metres’ area.

Expect a warm welcome

A massive wood panelled door opens up to a sizeable hallway decorated in graceful style. An even bigger glass window offers views of the outside and floods the interior with natural light. Skylight installations brighten up the space as well. Two cosy chairs, huddled up close by the window, create an inviting space. An armoire decorated with a diadem of fern graces the beautiful hallway. Now, with our suggestions here, you too can design such an attractive hall for your home.

Living room

The open plan living room does not fall short of any cheerful elements either. Large windows offer generous views of the surroundings in this space too. The sheen of the white tiled floor is balanced with an earthly brown accent wall. A careful mismatch of furniture can be observed here. A blue chaise lounge finds accompaniment in a cosy sofa and a couple of chairs upholstered in florid fabric. A snug area rug holding a shiny coffee table occupies the central area. A modern cabinet acts as a storage unit and one of the most prominent decorative elements of the entire space. The living room leads up to the formal dining room and the private part of the building.


The formal dining area is not the only place to enjoy a savoury meal in this house. A small but well decorated kitchen cum dining space is located on the terrace. Ebonised kitchen countertops, wooden bar stools and rustic dining set grace the area. The fantastic views of Córrego Grande act as a beautifying element.


An elegantly decorated spa style bathroom is located in the private quarters of the building. It has marble flooring, windows offering stunning views of the hilly terrain and Jacuzzi. High quality sanitary fittings, vanity units and large mirrors complete the look of this refreshing bathroom.

Swimming pool

Every nook and corner of this Brazilian villa offer generous views of the attractive landscape. But if you are still not satisfied with it, come to the swimming pool complex and look around yourself. Whether you decide to dip into the calm water of the pool or not, you will love every minute you spend up here on the terrace. You will have to thank the surviving greenery of Córrego Grande for this and the architects too, for arranging such a charming patio as this.

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