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One of the most important elements of owning or renting a home is the feeling of security. As humans we need a place in which we are able to feel safe within, a private area of quiet contemplation, or a bustling location to host family and friends. When it comes to home security there are numerous methods and ways in which you can create a more protected and sheltered space. More often than not our dwellings are relatively out of danger. Depending on your neighbourhood, a simple door lock is generally enough to deter the common burglar. But what happens if your home is broken into? The immediate feeling is undoubtedly anger, sadness and frustration. Additionally, it is almost impossible to resist a sense of fear that our safe and private spaces have been infiltrated. We install deadbolts, locks, and other safety devices, but the fact is, houses and apartments are often at risk. 

Today on homify we are taking a look at different ways we can make our homes more secure. From simple alarm systems to nifty wireless devices, there is a solution for every size, shape and style of home. Check out the handy hints below, and ensure your residence is impervious, impregnable, and secure!

Alarm and video systems

The basic solution to household safety is the alarm or video system. Simple, effective and a huge deterrent to thieves and vandals, alarm systems are perfect for basic to expert level home security. 

Advantages: These days there is an absolute glut of different options and varieties on the market. This is fabulous news for the consumer, as a range of different systems are available at a range of different price points. 

Disadvantages: Each system will come with its own pros and cons, so it is important to speak to a professional to get the system that suits you. 


Normally when we think of household security we don't consider the glass, but surprisingly, glass is one of the key entry points for burglars. Think about adding protective layers to your glass to ensure it is shatter-proof, and laminated with a strong acrylic covering. This won't stop criminals but it will definitely act as a deterrent. 

Advantages: By adding secure glass to your home, you will not only provide a safer and more secure environment for your family, but you will also increase the value of your home. Many potential homebuyers look for materials when they inspect a dwelling, and glass is something that will drastically improve the overall appearance of your property. 

Disadvantages: There are few disadvantages to upgrading your home's glass other than the possibly cost involved. Depending on the volume of glass in the home, you may be in for a large bill, or a simple and inexpensive update. 

Security doors

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Security doors have been a popular safety measure for many years. Although you may associate security or safety doors with unattractive wire or steel covered openings, these days there are numerous styles and designs that look fabulous. From simple all-glass doors that contain unbreakable glass, to sleek sliding steel features, a security door can work as a standout item as well as a handy burglar deterrent. 

Advantages: Security doors can be retrofitted to any home, allowing the homeowner a domestic refresh and renovation, as well as a stylish update. Additionally, security doors can be stylish and fashionable, adding a feature to the home, such as wide open glass that maximises natural light. 

Disadvantages: The appearance and stylishness of security doors tends to hinge on its price point. The more expensive the door, the better its features, and more attractive its appearance. Unfortunately, the market is still flooded with ugly brown aluminium doors that provide little security, but do damage your home's overall aesthetic. 

Protect your garden

The garden is too often a weak spot within the home. An area that people perceive to be safe and secure is commonly an entry point for criminals. The best way to avoid a break in here is to install cameras or a motion sensor. This will detect people moving around, and can be set to ignore animals too, meaning you can leave your dog or cat outside

Advantages: By protecting your garden, you will increase the overall safety of your dwelling. 

Disadvantages: If you have a large garden it can be tricky knowing where to begin, and you may need to chat to a professional to obtain some advice. 

Security bars on windows

Geometric (Victorian) Tiles Original Features Walls & flooringTiles
Original Features

Geometric (Victorian) Tiles

Original Features

Many individuals don't necessarily like the look of bars on windows, but these days there is a plethora of stylish and sophisticated options. Bars are a brilliant deterrent, and can prevent burglars' easy access to your dwelling. The entry to a home is often a good place to consider a barred window, as it is a common entry point. 

Advantages: Inexpensive, and can be tailored to certain styles and home designs. Difficult for burglars to break without causing noise and extensive damage. 

Disadvantages: Can alter the look and feeling of your property. Some individuals are opposed to the visual effect of a window that has bars or safety screens. 

Wireless security

Finally we have wireless security. This relatively new development in the world of at-home safety encompasses the latest in technology to protect you and your family. But what is a wireless system? Basically, this feature allows you to control your home remotely. It will let you know if a family member comes home, or if you have accidentally left the back door open. Complete safety in the palm of your hand. 

Advantages: Peace of mind. A wireless system is definitely the best solution if you want all-round safety and security for your dwelling. Perfect for those that travel, wireless systems will let you adjust settings and alert you to a problem immediately. 

Disadvantages: Expensive. Wireless systems are becoming cheaper as they become more readily available, but are still the priciest option on the market.

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How do you protect your home from intruders? We'd love to hear any tips or tricks in the comments below!

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