6 modern patterns for laying tiles

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When you decide to upgrade or renovate your flooring with tiles, one of the most important choices you will make is the pattern and layout. Patterns can transform a tiled floor from drab to fab and from simplistic to striking! Tile patterns add individuality to your room, and create an undeniable uniqueness. They can impart low-maintenance living within a high foot-traffic zone, and create an effortless easy-clean surface. 

But how does one choose a fashionable and modern pattern? These days there are numerous designs, styles, and options available and picking one can be a challenging task. 

Today on homify we are going to take a look at some fabulous and modern tile patterns. These designs will enthuse and invigorate your interior, providing plenty of ideas for your renovated or refurbished space. If you would like to see some sophisticated examples, as well as a little inspiration, take a peek at the images below!

Choose something individual

If you are looking to create a stylish and interesting tile pattern, consider thinking outside the box. These days there are numerous tile patterns and designs that can evoke an intriguing and unique ambience for your dwelling.

Within this room we see a beautiful white kitchen that is sleek and sophisticated. This cooking area might be a little too bland or unexciting were it not for the gorgeous and original tile design on the floor. These tiles are laid in a geometric pattern and contrast the all-white walls and joinery beautifully. 

Subway (railway) style

Chic, stylish, and ultra-fashionable, subway style tiles are a wonderful option for those who like a retro design, with timeless consistency. Also known as railway tiling or a running bond, the pattern allows many different options with dark grout a popular variation. This brick-like design is a perfect choice for those looking for something fashionable and luxurious, without pretension. 

The example above is a truly fabulous demonstration of how these tiles can be laid to look effortlessly on-trend, as well as enduringly sleek. 

Straight-lay tiles

Modern and Bold Kitchen Diner homify Modern kitchen Black kitchen,black,white,marble,work surfaces,modern,large

Modern and Bold Kitchen Diner


Possibly the simplest tile pattern to lay, this timeless design imparts minimalism upon the room, and ensures the tile is the star of the show. 

Straight lay tiles are basic, easy to install, and unlikely to date. Here the emphasis is on the actual tile itself, rather than the pattern it is laid in. Because you are spending less time on deciding the formation of your tiles, you should ensure you choose tiles you like, and those that complement the room. If your room is light, choose a darker tile to contrast, and conversely, you might want to consider a lighter tile if you have plenty of darker elements in your room. 

Tile in sections

Another modern option for laying tiles is to lay them in in sections. Creating sections within your domestic space can not only look great, but provide an easy clean, low-maintenance space that receives high foot traffic. 

In this example we see a striking interior that has employed a tiled kitchen section to complement the timber floorboards. The intricate design works well with the simplistic yet sleek kitchen, and enhances the characterful ambience and atmosphere

Small high-gloss tiles

Small tiles ooze appeal and charm! Popular in bathrooms, and also as a feature in their own right, these tiles are wonderful for creating interest and texture within a space. These days smaller tiles (including mosaics) come in ready to tile sections, which makes it far easier to attempt a DIY. 

The example above is a wonderful illustration of how to easily include tiles within a bathroom. The high-gloss white finish evokes the feeling of luxury and comfort, while the matching white/cream walls are beautifully paired to complete the modern space. 

Hexagonal tiles

These days we are seeing more and more variations and reprisals of older patterns and designs. Here we see the hexagonal tiles pattern that brings a sense of interest and texture to the wall and floor. This has been utilised perfectly to evoke an almost three-dimensional effect, adding to the depth of the space. 

Picking the right tile for the right space can be a daunting and often challenging task! If you need help with your tiling, chat to a professional and realise your domestic dreams. 

Fish scales

Freshwater Mother of Pearl with Paua Shell ShellShock Designs Walls & flooringTiles
ShellShock Designs

Freshwater Mother of Pearl with Paua Shell

ShellShock Designs

Fish scale tiling is a lesser known pattern that can look gorgeous in many different areas of the home. Often a decorative design, this works wonderfully as a feature tiled space, or within a bathroom. Once relatively unknown, these aquatic-esque shapes have soared in popularity due to their unique shape and calming influence. 

Here in this example we see a mother of pearl design that would be beautiful as a feature within a serene and tranquil bathroom

Diagonal-lay tiles

These diagonals are laid at a 45 degree angle, and ensure the room feels open and expansive. This design is also perfect if you want to contrast the geometric patterns of furniture and joinery. 

In the image above we see a rustic kitchen and dining room that has managed to pair many different interior elements to create an interesting fusion and juxtaposition of design features. The diagonal tiling helps to expand the perceived floorplan, while the modern stainless steel splashback looks fabulous against the vintage kitchen island. 

Diamonds and squares

Diamond and square tiling has been around for many centuries. Effortlessly timeless in its appearance, you may want to choose this design to enhance a specific colour palette within the room. Associated with luxury and lavishness, this pattern is sure to enhance the opulence within your domestic space. 

This example is a wonderful demonstration of an older style of tile laying that works with a more modern aesthetic. The interior feels open and interesting, drawing the viewer into the space. Paired with a contemporary yet timeless blue hue, the small square tiles bring out the blue in the feature wall and work perfectly together. 

We hope this Ideabook helped provide some inspiration and ideas for your new tiled space. If you would like to see more, check out: Make your room pop with tiles!

Which is your favourite tile pattern or layout? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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