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Villa U’s two storey family house occupies a scenic spot in Aarhus. It is a city renowned for being a cultural melting pot of Denmark. You only need to look over the city’s vista to promptly learn that revolutionary design ideas are a norm here and not really an exception. The Old Town Museum preserves some of the most remarkable examples of medieval timber framed houses. The city is indebted to Hack Kampmann for many of its prominent 19th and early 20th century landmarks like Aarhus Theatre, Marselisborg Palace, Villa Kampen and so on.

Built in a more recent time by schmidt hammer lassen architects, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum fills the night sky with a rainbow of colours. Aarhus City Hall happens to be an Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller masterpiece. When seen from a distance, the lofty glass façade of Aarhus Concert Hall looks simply surreal. 

Against this backdrop, even a residential project could not have prevented being a fascinating representation of the city’s architectural history. The owners of this detached family house decided to give C F Møller Architects the responsibilities of turning their dream into a viable project. The results are here for you to see and cherish.


With an illustrious history dating back to 1924, C F Møller Architects did not take long to put their deft touches on this project. They created a pair of parallelograms and placed one on top of the other. The façade embellished with dark patinated zinc and hardwood mouldings create an intriguing look. The tilted appearance, created by the placing of two floors at a different angle, plays a large part in producing a magnetic charm. The building has 200 sq metres’ living area spread over two levels. It is wheelchair accessible and has provisions for a residential elevator.

Central zone

The house is laid around a double height central area occupied by skylight installations, sculptural staircase and brick fireplace. Use of custom bricks generate a varied texture throughout the building. The staircase gives access to the private part of the building. The second floor lever has bedroom suites and a private entertainment area. Villa U’s proximity to the greenery outside can be appreciated from the terraces and large glass windows.


The building uses a combination of tiled ceramic and oak flooring. Their dual presence can be observed in the kitchen as well. Handcrafted kitchen units deck up this area. Lighting fixtures are trendy, but understated and suitable to the ambience. It has all the modern facilities that every householder, nowadays, looks forward to.


Villa U has several sundecks and terrace in each of its floors to enjoy relax and enjoy the views of the surrounding. The image shows one of its many beautiful terraces. With suitable furniture, lighting fixtures and a handful of decorative objects a patio like this one can easily be turned into an outdoor entertainment area for arranging small parties. Like the rest of the house, it is currently decorated with stylish lightweight furniture.


The spacious garage is adorned with wood panelled walls. A variety of bricks, laid in a tactfully random fashion, decks up one side of it. The interior is seen flooded with ceiling mounted spotlights. If you are willing to build a stylish garage like this why not use some of our inspirations shared here? As if to pay an ode to one of the most ancient traditions of the country, the garage roof has been converted into a green roof.


This family house boasts of a beautiful garden, the landscaping of which has also been done by C F Møller Architects. It has a carefully planned pristine look which increases its charm, and makes it the most serene spot to be in the entire premises. It is embellished with a few decorative plants and a pond. You can follow these simple steps and build a pond in your own backyard now in just a weekend’s time. With a lounge chair or two and a small glass one’s favourite drink, the owners of this villa can enjoy a perfectly relaxing afternoon here.

Villa U epitomises the very best of Danish design in its structure and interior planning. Which aspect of this house do you find most interesting? ...

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