6 Bright Ideas to Strategically Place the Washing Machine

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The look and feel of any room depend largely on how you place your furniture; accessorize the room or what colour palette you choose. Now that you want to recreate the relaxing spa-like ambience in your bathroom only to be confronted with the sight of your washing machine which clearly hurls you back to reality. Who would have thought that a useful thing like washing machine can be an eye sore? It can completely ruin the look of your bathroom, if not positioned strategically. You really need to rack up your brains to create a solution for the machine so that it can coexist peacefully in your elegant setup. So are you ready to dig up some innovative ideas for creating a storage space for your machine in your bathroom? Here are 6 ideas which are effortless, functional and ingenious to say the least…

A little innovation can create wonders. If you do not have any allocated space for your machines, you can do a simple cover-up with screens or decorative panels. Your bathroom will continue to look polished while your washing machine woes will be lost in no time at all. Cabinets are probably the oldest and most classy ways to keep your washing machines hidden. And once they are covered, they are out of sight which means that your bathroom will sport a tidy and neat look. Often covering up is not the best solution, as it is too complex to build cabinets, especially if your bathroom is small. If you cannot hide it, why not flaunt it? It is better to emphasize than to hide; and by installing a simple countertop, you can stack the machine in the bathroom. Why not use the waste water from the washing machines to flush your toilet? This is an eco-friendly solution for your water problems. By putting the washing machine on the toilet, you can save space and water both.

Building sliding doors

The best way to cover up the washing machine, if you want it out of your sight is by installing a sliding door or a decorative panel. Place your washing machine on that side of the wall, where the existing plumbing is stacked. This may be at the back of your bathroom. With a plumbing line at hand, the waste lines and the water supply are easily accessible. It also means that you can easily create seclusion by installing the sliding doors. The decorative screens or panels can work as great diversions, and because you will install sliding doors, they will be flexible. A closed door gives the impression of a closeted space. With a sliding door, you will have the space open. Choose a decorative panel which goes well with the rest of the decor. And if you want something artistic, you can custom-made a pair of lattice doors which will cover the vanity and the machine as well. You can utilize the bottom of the sink and use it for a dual purpose: vanity and storage space for the machine as well. To keep up with ambience, you can add wooden accents and a woven rug.

Built-solutions for washing machines

Built-in cabinets are the classic ways of keeping things tidy and neat. If you have a small washer, you can easily fit it into an in-built cabinetry. Bathroom cabinets, of course, make much more sense. Along with washing machine, you can store the rest of the cleaning supplies as well. And if you want to keep the cabinet separate and create a world of calm, you simply need to shut the doors. You literally shut the rest of the world and create a happy space for your soul. Do you want to stick to minimalism? You can create a big closet and store all the accessories related to the bathroom there. It is the best and easiest solution to do away with all the floating shelves, racks, curved hooks and looming cabinets. However, before you dedicate some space to the machine, you should check whether it is 3 inches deep to accommodate full-sized units.

Cover it up with curtains

Every problem has a simple solution, and for storing washing machines the easiest way would be to hang curtains and hide it all. The only thing that you need to take care of is the fabric. It should match the rest of the decor. So, if you are having tiles with floral designs, the curtain should be something similar to that line. For the techs, you can always utilize the most unassuming space; like the bottom of the sink. They are usually spacious and can easily fit machines. And the best thing is that you can easily hang a curtain to create a perfect enclosure.

Hide it in a bespoke shelf

Another great way to camouflage the washing machine is to create a bespoke shelf and place the machine below. The shelves can either have two or three tiers. The space designated for the machine is generally enough to accommodate techs of all sizes and shapes. Above the machine, one can have a foldout hamper for keeping the semi-dried clothes after they are being taken out of the washer. The top shelf of this unit is dedicated to detergents and other cleaning substances. The bespoke shelf is perfect for smaller bathrooms. If you are planning to add doors to the bespoke shelf, you can choose the same colour as your washer. In this way, it will not seem out of sync; rather it will give an impression of one continuous unit. If you are really pressed for space, you can also add some floating shelves to accommodate more items in this unit.

Checkout the bright idea implemented by Italy-based designer Xilon S.R.L.

Putting up machines on a high shelf: exploring the vertical space

Although this sounds incredible and to some extent impossible, this can be a reality in a small bathroom where space is indeed a luxury. If there is a bespoke shelf, you might as well raise the tech to a higher level. The shelf should be hardy enough to carry the strength. But this is indeed a clever idea and is actually quite convenient because you do not need to bend to pick up the clothes. Also, if you have a washer and a dryer, you can easily accommodate on the top of the other. Some washing machines are designed in such an intelligent manner that they can actually double up as a toilet flush. This, of course, is one of the hi-tech solutions of keeping your washing machine on the top of your pot and use the waste water for the flush. For this, you need to contact your plumber and discuss the possibilities.

Incorporating a space-saving machine in your bathroom

Technology has made great advancements and it is time to adopt some of its boons. If you have a small family, you might as well go with a space-saving machine. A small machine is not only handy but can fit easily in any nook and corner of the toilet. If there are any intersections which you really want to cover up to create pleasing aesthetics, you can easily do so by installing two small doors and placing the machine inside. Just think how imaginatively functional it will be?

When you think of any space, the first thing that you need is imagination. If you can imagine it, you can build it too. For such drab realities like washing machines which we cannot do away with, you need some imagination. Think of the space you have, and how you can utilize it beautifully to accommodate techs. Possibilities are immense, you just need to take the plunge!

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