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A smart recipe for creating your own interior style

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The space you occupy has significant bearing on your psyche. In other words, you are shaped by the environment you live in and that includes the interior of your house or apartment. We all know that staying in a gloomy and cluttered area for a long period of time cannot help maintain a healthy mind and body. Even the colours of the four walls of a room have significant impact on one’s mind. Ancient architectural treatise like Sthapatya Veda and feng shui acknowledged this. So they were meticulous in preparing designing and decorating ideals for any type of building.

Needless to say, a living space is not worthy of being called a “home” unless you decorate and personalise it according to your needs and tastes. Today, we will share our recipe of turning your living area into a home that you can be proud of. Keep in mind these pointers to build a happy home that represents you in all its aspects.

Be original in your choices

Don’t go by the latest fads, not always at least. Do not copy everything you see on the glossy magazines. The colour schemes, objects of décor, arrangement of furniture etc you see there may not be suitable for your home. Climate, culture, tradition etc have considerable impact on the designing of a living space. Keep these things in mind while planning for the interior of your home. Open yourself up to various sources of inspirations. Look outside, seek inspiration from nature. Meditate on your own likes and dislikes.

Combine styles

You might be very fond of classical design, but do not consider your small apartment to be suitable for decorating in such an opulent style. See if you can suitably modify each element of décor to honour the existing structure without sacrificing the dream of having a classically designed home. Consider having a more eclectic mixture of furniture, soft furnishings, flooring, wall and décor. See how Marion Studio embellished this bedroom in classically styled but lightweight furniture, beautiful flooring, understated colour scheme and floral curtains. Depending upon the area you are about to renovate, you can apply these tactics in a variety of ways. Just ensure the end result is harmonious and according to your tastes.

Select colours that reflect you

Choose a colour scheme that you love and appropriately represents you. Trust your instincts to pick your favourite colours and immerse your living space in those colours. Do you prefer pastel shades? Then select one or a combination of shades for the walls, ceiling, upholstery and other items of décor. On the other hand, if your preference is for flaming yellow and red, do not hold yourself back from applying those tones in the interior of your house. Just ensure you are making proper selection for the space you are about to occupy. You may need to temper a bold colour palette for a smaller living space. Otherwise, the riot of colour might be too difficult to withstand for a long period of time. The same goes for dark shades like grey and black.

Have your cherished furniture and accessories

Formal Reception Fisher ID Classic style living room
Fisher ID

Formal Reception

Fisher ID

Surround yourself with furniture and accessories that you appreciate. You can make your own choices by going through a catalogue of specialty pieces, visiting nearby stores or discussing your preferences with an interior designer. Our articles on iconic chairs and trendy sofas will help you to deck up your living room, dining parlour, bedroom and other areas of your home in style. If you have a special respect for handcrafted articles you may visit local artisans to have custom built furniture for your home. Old photographs can also give a decent understanding about traditional furniture. Make sure you design the space keeping the overall picture in mind, so each element of décor seems to be in perfect harmony with the others.

Choose artworks

Select evocative works of art. If you are a connoisseur then you will already have a decent collection which you can use to completely transform the looks of your rooms. A room decked up in carefully selected object of art is bound to become a veritable feast for eyes. If you do not boast of such a collection yet, try to build it up slowly. Choose artworks that are authentic and not a cheap copy of a famous painting. Explore paintings, fine art photographs and sculptures created by local artists and artisans. You may stumble upon quite a few gems. Visit local art galleries. Collect rugs and tapestries that can be displayed on the wall. You can even tap your own artistic side by a using a medium that suits you most.

Light up your home the perfect way

A brightly lit up room looks more spacious than it actually is. Besides, it augments the cheerfulness of the ambience. Do not expect ceiling or wall mounted spot lights to do all the work. Install lighting fixtures that adequately beautify your rooms. Select styles that are appropriate for the overall décor of your home. Instead of using a number of highly ornate fixtures, limit to one suitably designed piece per room. That way you will prevent causing any unwanted clutter.  Install modern energy saving lighting fixtures. Do not ignore the natural sources of lighting either. Having large windows and skylights will assist in ventilating the space as well. Most importantly, enjoy living in a home created and designed by you.

As you can see creating your own interior style is not so difficult a task. You only need to sort out your preferences before you begin renovating ...

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