5 Steps to Hang Your Curtains Properly

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Curtains are ubiquitous to a home – both for functionality as well as to add to the décor of a room. Gone are the days when a home owner used to shop for curtains in hurry- without giving an iota of thought to how it would blend with the other furnishings of the room. However, today, choosing a curtain calls for careful introspection and planning and sometimes even after days of deliberation, the choice still seems difficult. And even if one zeroed on the perfect curtain, the task of hanging them in the perfect way, such that it would not look the handiwork of a child, looked huge. If you are someone who has long planned to up the décor of your room with curtains but are undecided on the perfect way of hanging curtains, then read ahead. We will discuss below some extremely simple tips on the perfect way of hanging curtains so that you do not make the mistake most others do.

1. Measure the window and the wall

In your quest for the perfect way of hanging curtains, do not make the mistake of shopping for curtains without measuring the width of the window and the length of the wall you will hang them on. Fish out that measuring tape, preferably a metal one as a cloth measuring tape sometimes gives inaccurate readings, from your cupboard and get measuring. The width of the window is always measured prior to the length and is also stated first. A small tip here is to always opt for an outside curtain mount to add to the charm of the curtain rather than making it just functional. Measure from one end of the window to the other horizontally and add 4 inches to both sides to arrive at the window width. Next in line is the window length. I would suggest you to go as high as possible. A distance of 4-6 inches above the top of the window is the minimum and you can even go higher if you want to create an illusion of height and space.

2. Choose a rod wider than the window

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Get smart while mounting that curtain rod on your window. Spare a thought or two on things such as rod style, rod material and most importantly the rod width so as to not make any errors while hanging your curtains. Whether you choose to go for the simple and functional standard curtain rods or plan to buy traverse curtain rods to hang those heavy curtains; keep in mind to  invest in a rod which is a couple of inches wider than your window. The rod should ideally extend 4 inches beyond your window on either side. So buy curtain rods which are between 7-8 inches wider than your window to get that perfect drape of your curtain.

3. Pay attention to the weight and the length of the curtains

Obviously, a curtain with medium gather will need lesser fabric while a curtain with full gather will need more fabric. So, take your time, decide on the fall you want for your curtains and then go curtain shopping. Ideally, for a medium fall curtain, both the curtains of a window together should be one and a half times the curtain pole length. And if you desire a full fall curtain, then both your curtains should together be double the curtain pole length. With the curtain width measurement in place, the next obvious step is to measure the curtain length. Opt for floor to ceiling curtains (leaving a 1 inch space just above the floor to facilitate cleaning) to give your room that elegance that it deserves.

4. Hang curtain rods and draperies at the ceiling

Enough cannot be said on the importance of hanging your curtains and draperies as close to the ceiling as possible, as mentioned in the above points. So whether you want to conceal an unattractive window style or want to give an illusion of height in a room with low ceiling; hanging the curtains high will help you cleverly disguise these disadvantages. Obviously, if you have been blessed with a decorative or ornate window; this rule of hanging the curtains high goes down the drain. Then show off your beautiful window by mounting a tension curtain rod within the window frame. Also forego this idea if you have a large room with high ceilings.

This arrangement is a product of Lon-based interior designers Osborne & Little.

5. Materials

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The material used for curtains is as important as hanging them perfectly. So never ever buy curtains in a hurry. The curtain fabric will not only dictate the functionality of the curtain but will also affect its fall and how it blends with other furnishings of the room. If you are looking for curtain fabric that will have a good fall; opt for materials such as silk, faux silk and velvet. You can even choose to opt for richer materials such as suede and tweed. Those looking for lighter fabric can always opt for cottons, laces and linens. Even the lighter curtain fabrics can be lined and interlined to increase their charm. Once you have settled on the fabric, choose from the wide variety o designs available in the market.

6. Iron the curtains

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Now that you have bought that perfect curtain according to the above mentioned tips, do not be in a hurry to hang them. Rather, take time to iron the curtains or give it to the laundry for ironing and then hang them. Never ever make the mistake of hanging un-ironed curtains. Hanging un-ironed curtains not only end up looking shabby but will also make all your efforts go down the drain. So iron your curtains and hang them high.

Hanging curtains is certainly no child’s play. It needs careful planning and deliberation to come up with the perfect curtain which needs to be hanged in the perfect way. However, follow the above tips and make your job easier.

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