How can I Make the Most of my Toilet?

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7 BATHROOMS FOR 7 STORIES Lineabeta Eclectic style bathroom
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While we are so busy in designing or decorating the areas of our house, Toilets are often left behind in this process. A considerable amount of attention also needs to be given to the Toilets. One should not limit the design just because the toilet is of small size.  You can make the compact space work to your advantage and use your creativity to embrace these intimate spaces. We present to you, some tips on how to make the most of your toilet!


7 BATHROOMS FOR 7 STORIES Lineabeta Eclectic style bathroom



It is interesting to note how a simple shade of color can have an impact on the space that we live. That is the reason why most interior decorators insist on choosing a proper color scheme according to the room. For the toilets, a soft and neutral shade always does the trick of making your toilet look larger. Go for a monochromatic color scheme. If you can keep your bathroom bright and clean, white is the color to go for. Make sure that the color scheme of the toilet walls are synchronized with the toilet seat and toilet bowl. You can also go for contrast colors for the toilet seat and bowl that gives the bold look.

For those who look up to the Toilet as a Zen inspired space, you would need to choose the colors that lighten your mood such that the tone of the room should inspire you. Mix and match textures or use the standard white color to create that perfect little space!

This color combination has been designed by Italy-based Lineabeta.


A pleasant smelling bathroom is a welcome relief for not only you but also for others using it! You can make your toilet smell fresh and fragrant within a few minutes. Pleasant smelling candles and air fresheners do a great job in eliminating the odor and leave a wonderful smell.

If you are looking for a way to freshen the air naturally, then opt for essential oils. Here is a great tip to make your toilet smell fresh. All you need is an essential oil of your choice and a toilet paper! Add a few drops of essential oil in the cardboard area of the toilet roll. Make sure that the oil dries before placing the roll inside the dispenser. Each and every time the toilet roll moves, a fragrant smell emerges.  Isn’t it a simple trick to make your toilet smell great? Try it out now!

Wall art

We are not going to let the odd space above your toilet go waste. It is time to create your very own art gallery in the toilet walls. Adorn your toilet with colorful wall hangings that illustrates your personality. Irrespective of whether you have a narrow space or a huge space, wall art can transform your bathroom into a space of inspiration!


The things that we keep in the bathroom are endless. From razors, makeup kits to tooth brushes, the list is endless. However, where in the world do we put all the stuff and yet keep the bathroom clutter free? The next time you are in your toilet, take a look at the vertical space. You will be surprised to note that a lot of vertical space is being kept idle and not being used at all. Usually, the space above the doorway is hardly used and always vacant.  If you have a higher ceiling, install decorative storage shelves that can store the bath salts, scrubs, etc. You can also make use of this shelf for storing extra cleaners and toilet papers.

Finally, do not neglect the space available above your toilet. It is a great spot for having some shelves, a cabinet or perhaps even a basket of reading materials.


After a tired day at work, where do most people head to once they are back home? Well, no prizes for guessing it right. It’s the toilet! That is why it is good to have a relaxed setup in the Toilet. Start with setting up some speakers in the toilet. You can listen to your favourite music while you are busy at the toilet. Another quick fix to create a pleasant atmosphere in your toilet is by setting up some greenery in the form of plants and orchids. They adorn your toilet and create a pleasant atmosphere.


Maintenance of the toilet is always a cumbersome task but cannot be neglected. A clean toilet is the sign of a clutter free mind and home. Many of us think that toilet maintenance is all about cleaning the toilet regularly. However, maintenance of the toilet requires much more effort apart from cleaning. The toilet tank, flush, taps are some of the items that require inspection and maintenance from time to time. Take help from a plumber and check for internal leaks in your toilet..

Here are some tips to maintain your toilet well:

1.       Do not use your toilet tank as a garbage disposal unit. While many products that you use say flushable or disposable, it is not necessary to throw all the waste at the toilet. This will lead to clogging down the line.

2.       Avoid dropping certain bowl cleaners in the toilet that comes in the form of tablets. While they might do a great job in removing the dirt, they can cause damage to the toilet tank in the long run.

3.       Prevent mineral buildup that results in hard water by using a water softener.

4.       Apart from cleaning the toilets regularly, make sure that the siphon jets are also cleaned once a year. You can do it on your own by shutting off water supply and flushing the toilet. You will be able to locate the siphon jet with the help of a mirror underneath. Use a nylon brush to clean the holes and then pour vinegar into the tank and flush. When left overnight, it is more effective. Flush the toilet again to remove the traces of Vinegar.

Like we said earlier, you can transform your Toilet in a few simple steps. Make the most of it and relax!

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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