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They say, “Good things come in a small package.” This tiny Japanese home could be considered a perfect embodiment of this adage. Its unusual shape is bound to attract many eyes. Located in a Japanese suburb, this building makes the most of its plot size. Besides, it has a small arena to enjoy the fresh air and see the clear face of the sky in a convenient time, a rare privilege for a modern house in any part of the world. 

This family home, lovingly called as Skew Hut, is a brainchild of Ai and Yuki Chida Architectural Design. They have borrowed from the age old design philosophies of the land and added a modern twist to it. The result is a comfortable and feature rich city home appropriate for a small family. The design ingenuity, as you will shortly see, is palpable in its every corner.

Expect a warm welcome

An inviting courtyard followed by a small sun deck welcomes you to this beautiful house. The doorway is spacious and is secured by sliding doors with glass panels. A glimpse of the interior can be obtained from the outside. Another interesting feature from this angle is a view of the modern version of ancient shoji or a wooden window frame covered with Japanese rice paper. The lattice window on the right uses this technique to augment the beauty of the façade.


The family house stands by a tree lined street in a close knit Japanese neighbourhood. It occupies a plot size of little over 134 sq metres. Besides the house and courtyard, a garage is also built on the same plot. The designers made use of sustainable materials in every possible opportunity. Solar photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof as well making this a fine example of an environment friendly responsible structure.

Open plan living room

The open plan lounge, combined with dining room and kitchen, looks roomier than it actually is. The ceiling which is close to 8 metres’ high has a great contribution in making this space so accommodative. In true Japanese style it is completely clad in wood. This creates a warm ambience particularly suited for family homes. Thanks also to the wealth of natural light, the interior looks cheerful. Kitchen is fitted with all kinds of modern facilities. Decorative objects brighten up the rectangular living cum dining space. Lightweight furniture, including very stylish dining chairs, grace the area.


The atrium is one of the many assets of this Japanese home. Wooden trellis on the roof allows generous entry of sunlight. Except for a handful of potted indoor plants this area has been kept largely empty. This place is planned in such a way that in cold weather or hot, the occupants of this house can enjoy a cup of Japanese tea with close friends and other relatives.

Home office and study

A reasonably spacious study area has been designed on the ground floor. Like in other parts of the building, timber framed walls and room create a charming atmosphere in this space too. Décor is minimal yet sufficient to meet all the requirements. Wall mounted shelves and study table adorn both spaces. A trendy chair is placed next to the study table. In the home office part though, seating arrangements have been made on the floor itself. By spreading tatami mats on floor the space has been made additionally comfy.

Loft space

The loft space is so planned that it could be used in several purposes. It can act as a bedroom or a lively entertainment zone. It can even be turned into a space for practising yoga and meditation. If you are searching for some inspiration to make the best out of your tiny attic or loft you may have a look here. Make sure you have ample inflow of light and proper ventilation like this house to prevent any creeping sense of discomfort.


The minimal design of the bathroom prevents the creation of a cluttered looking space. Simple white sanitary fittings and vanity units are used here. Additional space for storage has been created. Once again the amount of natural light does not make it feel cramped or gloomy. A modern mirror serves its uses and acts as a decorative feature as well. Moreover, it helps to somewhat expand the narrow space.


The garage stands by the roadside next to Skew Hut. Though largely nondescript, it serves its purpose. Moreover, the plants decorating the courtyard behind add to the beauty of the atmosphere. The road veers off some distance away, but standing here one can catch a glimpse of almost the entire neighbourhood. The pleasure of having a house of one’s own is a cherished dream for many. This Japanese family has not only managed to realise it but did so in style, courtesy the ingenuous planning of this house.

Despite its smallness of size this Japanese home boasts of a wealth of feature. Which of its feature attracted you most? Let us know in the comment...

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