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Have a beautiful home using indirect lighting!

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Beautiful interior designs require a smart and considered approach to lighting. When it comes to lighting there are numerous effects and styles that can drastically alter the tone or perceived ambience within a space. It is for this reason that one needs to carefully consider how they employ lighting within their home, in order to ensure the appropriate atmosphere and air is created. Indirect interior and exterior lighting is an essential tool for any experienced or budding designer. Essentially indirect lighting is illumination that doesn't directly touch or come in contact with the occupants within the space. This type of lighting is subtle and effective in building a strong sense of warmth within a room. It is inviting, gentle, and works well in almost every room of the house.

So how does one add indirect lighting within their dwelling? There are countless methods for implementing and incorporating indirect lighting, all suiting different rooms and application. Indirect lighting might also be known as bounced lighting, as it effectively bounces from one surface to another creating a diffused glow. Today on homify we are going to take a look at indirect lighting, and how you can employ it within your abode. From wall mounted lights to LEDs hidden behind a screen there are plenty of fashionable and chic ways to illuminate your dwelling. Read on to learn more!

Panel lighting creates mood

For many of us, building a false ceiling or a sub-ceiling in our existing homes is too much effort. Instead we look to other methods that can provide a similar outcome without the effort and building requirements. Enter the panel light. Panel lighting or screen lighting produces a similar result to sub-ceiling lighting but can be easily retrofit to any home.

In this example we see a gorgeous illustration of how the owners have added a panel as their bed head. This panel has light situated behind, and adds a warm glow to the overall aesthetic and ambience of the space. If you are looking to create some indirect lighting easily, you can purchase a room divider and house a pair of floor lamps behind. This is a great DIY project and will instantly create room in your room. 

Sub-ceiling lighting for a bright yet diffused glow

One of the best ways to create diffused lighting within your home is to hide it within a sub-ceiling or false ceiling. This provides an area for the lights to be installed, virtually rendering them ‘invisible’ were it not for the strong glow they emit. This is particularly useful in areas of the home where you want strong light, a high wattage, but also to create a spread of lights.

In the example above we see a wonderful demonstration of a kitchen space with indirect lighting. For cooking spaces we often want to ensure the room is bright and well-illuminated to prepare and cook food. However, direct lighting can often create shadows, and problems with the lighting in a kitchen. By spreading out the glow, and diffusing it within a false ceiling, the room is able to be bright and welcoming, without causing awkward shadows.

Wall mounted lighting creates mood

Dion Chrome Wall Light homify Living roomLighting

Dion Chrome Wall Light


Wall mounted lighting is a popular way to create a diffused glow within an interior or exterior space, with minimum effort and a stylish result. There are numerous types of wall mounted lights, so it might be a good idea to chat to a professional to get an idea of the styles and options that might work for your particular space. Some wall mounted lights face downward, some upward, and others are flat to the wall with a piece of glass or perspex over the front. Whichever you choose you can be assured you will create a softer mood than traditional ceiling lights. 

Above is a brilliant example of a wall mounted light in a downward facing position. The shade is clean, which means the light is free to shine directly on items within the space, however an Edison bulb keeps the glow soft and delicate. 

Lighting behind shelves can add ambience

Another nifty and neat way of creating indirect lighting within the home is through the use of backlit shelving. Back-lighting shelving or storage systems produces a delicate light, and works excellently for bars, home theatre spaces, or any room that requires muted illumination. 

This example is a fabulous demonstration of a bar space that employs the backlit shelving for its bottle storage system. Here the light produced highlights the silhouette of the bottles, and works beautifully to create a rich ambience of conversation and cosiness. 

Strip lighting

Next up we are taking a peek at some strip lighting. Strip lighting is particularly versatile and works effortlessly to create a similar result to panel lighting, as well as sub-ceiling lighting. Strip lights can be retrofit to many different areas of the home, adding to its practicality. In this image we see the strip lighting is used on the ceiling and side wall of the room. This helps produce a soft light that looks stylish and contemporary.

Strip lighting can also be used within floor space, and looks wonderful when used to illuminate walkways or compact interior spaces where a light fitting would overwhelm the area. 

Garden lighting that is soft and warm

Finally we head outside to take a look at the different options available to those who want to create some indirect lighting within their courtyard or garden. Think about installing some built in spotlights that direct illumination towards a tree of garden feature. This is a brilliant way to ensure the garden is bright, yet avoids point light directly at those within the space. Alternatively, and as shown in the image above, you may want to add or install some lamps or candles to the space. Lanterns are particularly effective and easy to add or remove when needed. 

We hope this provided some handy hints and tips for your interior and exterior lighting. If you would like to continue reading, check out: Home lighting designs you’ll love!

Do you have any experience with indirect lighting that you would like to share with our readers? If so, leave us a comment below!

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