8 tips to really organise your house (and to keep it that way!)

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Do you find yourself in a constant cycle of organising your home, only to have it disrupted, jumbled, and turned back into its original chaotic mess? Unfortunately all too often we clean our dwellings in such a way that they are susceptible to becoming disorganised almost as soon as we tidy them. Do you find it difficult to keep up with your cleaning? Do you have papers, ornaments, and items that make your dwelling messy or muddled? If the answer is yes, then it's time to make some changes to the way you organise and coordinate your abode. Changing habits and routine can drastically improve the way you freshen up your dwelling, as well as reducing the stress associated with cleaning. 

Today on homify we have 8 tips that people with spotless houses do regularly. You don't have to employ a cleaner, nor do you need to make your house cleaning harder than it has to be; within this Ideabook we will explain an easy step by step solution to your domestic organisational woes. By adopting these 8 tips, tricks, and handy hints, you can keep your home neat, tidy, and stress-free!

Prepare your plan

​Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors homify Modern conservatory

​Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors


Before you begin cleaning and organising your dwelling, you need to know what your focus is, what you hope to achieve, and your intended end result. Generally when we organise our dwelling we dive in head first, which is one of the main reasons nothing stays the way we want it. 

Grab a pen and some paper and jot down a few essential objectives to cleaning your home. Getting this straight in your head will really help in the long run, ensuring you understand your goals and stick to each additional tip. 

Make a checklist

Next up you are going to want to make a checklist. Items to include on your checklist will vary depending on the way you intend to organise your home, but might feature the following:

- Making beds each morning

- Starting the day with a load of laundry

- Stacking the dishwasher after dinner, and unloading it before breakfast

- Disposing of all junk mail

- 10 minutes of meditation in the morning before breakfast

- Start a home composting system to reduce domestic waste

- Purge items from your pantry on a monthly basis

- Add a 'no junk mail' sign to your letterbox

- Use baking soda to clean all your fittings 

Sell what you don't need

The next step is to sell what you don't need any longer. These days we tend to possess more than we require, with our homes (especially kitchens) filled with many items that we no longer have a use for. 

Often one of the most popular things to do is to clean out the clutter, and remove any additionally household junk we no longer need. The good news is this can also earn you a little money too! Sort our items that have good resale value such as appliances, crockery, gaming consoles, etc. and set up a garage sale in your street. Alternatively, sell your items at a pawn shop or resale shop for instant cash. 

Reward yourself

One of the biggest problems associated with constantly cleaning and organising your dwelling is that the effort never ends. You will find that you are endlessly tidying, neatening, and rectifying small issues within your abode. 

The key to making life a little easier is to reward yourself regularly. Life shouldn't be constantly tedious or boring, it should be entertaining, fun, and filled with wonderful experiences. Once you have tidied your home you need to enjoy and benefit from your hard work. Open a bottle of red, pull out a good book, and make the most of your newly cleaned domicile. 

Safely store your sentimental pieces

Sentimental pieces are those items that you simply cannot part with for personal reasons, or because they signify a particular time or moment in history. Often we have large collections of family photographs, ornaments, heirlooms, and other objet d'art. To keep these pieces safe (and to ensure they don't add to your already cluttered home) they should be kept in their own special area. 

Consider purchasing specific boxes or containers that will keep everything in their right place, such as the wall mounted shelves in the illustration above. If you are unsure how to organise these items, you might want to consider chatting to a professional to gather some advice and hints to keep your treasured bits and bobs intact. 

Give everything its own place

One of the best ways to ensuring your home is well-organised is to ensure everything has its own place. This applies to appliances, ornaments, furniture, and even people! Every member of the household should have an individual space to look after. This might be a bedroom they are responsible for, or it might be as simple as implementing a cleaning register to keep the spaces tidy and in order. 

Once everything has a place it will be far easier to clean the home when required, as well as reducing the volume of clutter and mess produced. 

Employ smart storage systems

The Harry Potter staircase Zodiac Design Modern study/office
Zodiac Design

The Harry Potter staircase

Zodiac Design

Smart storage is the final frontier when it comes to organisation of the home. Employing smart storage can completely rejuvenate a space and provide numerous nooks to carefully and thoughtfully store all necessary domestic appurtenances. 

The example shown above is a fabulous illustration of how to incorporate storage within a double height space. You may find that you are lacking a decent area to house a bookshelf or shelf, if this is the case you can utilising the entire wall of your living room to create an area that is perfect for more than simply books.

Throw away old papers

Finally, yet no less importantly, we arrive at the crucial point involving regularly purging the volume of paper within one's home. Keep your study, living room, kitchen, and entry hall clean by throwing away any junk mail, old papers, newspaper and other unnecessary clutter. Take some cues from this gorgeously tidy and clean office space and regularly remove any unnecessary paper. 

If you need a little more domestic inspiration and would like to continue reading, check out: 6 speed cleaning tips for your party or event

Do you have any cleaning or organising tips for our readers? Leave a comment below!

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