Why Eaves Are Essential For Your Home

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A home is a place that shelters and protects. It is a space where you can comfortably shield yourself from the harsh sun, driving rain or snow. To be able to enjoy the various gifts of nature, you need to be in a place where you are well protected from the various perils that are posed by natural seasons and causes. Your home should ideally be installed with proper equipment and fittings that will mitigate the effects and ravages of oncoming seasons and even natural calamities, which is why eaves are essential for your home.

What are eaves actually? These are that part of the rooftop that hangs over the walls of your home and protects it in numerous ways. So in case you have been asking yourself, “why should I include eaves?” then we may just have the answer for you!

Zap excess Sunlight during Summers

You can control sunlight especially during summers with the help of eaves. Sometimes, during the peak of summers, the harsh sunlight may not only bother your eyes, but it can also render your indoor cooling or air conditioning useless. Too much of sunlight can be harsh on the sense and eaves are the best way to provide shade and keep the excess sunlight out as well. The use of eaves to keep too much sunlight out and can also have a cooling effect on your home, which can make summers a soothing time that you can easily withstand.

Prevent Rain from Ruining your Indoors

A home without eaves is literally a home without protection. Imagine having a home that does not have eaves – especially over its windows. And then imagine a torrential downpour of rain. Monsoons can be harsh on a home, and more so if the home is not properly protected. Eaves can ensure that water does not enter the home by seeping in through the walls or through the cracks and slits in the windows. Eaves do a lot to prevent rain from entering the home and making a mess, with the help of their downward slant which helps the rain trickle off into a more neutral area surrounding the home outside.

Keep your Walls Clean

Eaves can help you keep clean walls. Rain, hail, snow, storm and even sunlight can leave a mark on your walls. With the help of eaves, you can ensure that the effects of these natural calamities as well as others like the water that comes down from a terrace or rooftop garden, do not stain and tarnish your walls. Eaves help in propelling the water into the outdoor area, rather than letting it trickle over a wall and leave a rusty stain that cannot be cleaned. Also, everyday dust and other elements are kept away by eaves, thereby ensuring that your walls are well protected and clean!

Use of Space under the Eaves

Since eaves jut out over a considerable area to give your home much-needed protection from various things, they also create shady areas that can be used for multiple purposes. One of the best ways to use the area under the eaves is to place a bicycle or other sports gear as well as a garden cabinet to hold your gardening essentials. You can also use the space under the eaves to grow a garden in the shady patch which will also be eco friendly because it will not require that much of watering. This semi indoor, semi outdoor area can also house an outdoor dining or picnic nook for some much-needed family fun over the weekends!

This creativity is a work of genius by Belo Horizonte, Brazil-based architects Monica Guerra Arquitetura E Interiores.

Prevent Deterioration of Furniture from Sunlight

It is a well-known fact that solid wooden and other furniture require maintenance and protection. If you thought just a regular polish or a change of upholstery is enough to maintain your tapestry and furniture, then you may have to think again. Harsh sun rays and constant exposure to the same can lead to extreme deterioration of your precious furniture. So use eaves to keep out direct and harsh sun rays and prevent deterioration of furniture from sunlight. This sunlight can also cause the wooden furniture to swell and lose it shape, besides causing the surface to flake and the polish to get a jaded look. Your expensive curtains can also fade from constant direct exposure to sunlight. So the best way to enjoy natural light without letting it damage your furniture and tapestry are to ensure that the sunlight is filtered and not direct. This can be done with the help of eaves.

Open your Windows and Enjoy your Space

An expansive space and the sense of openness are unparalleled. Yet, in today’s world, we end up remaining in the closed indoors. This is mainly due to our reservations about the sun and rain coming in to ruin the fun. Well, the fun can go on thanks to the installation of eaves. You can open your windows and enjoy an expansive and open feeling by bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside. Eaves will always keep you well protected from excess and direct rain or the sunshine. Natural light and lush surroundings can be a part of your everyday life thanks to these eaves!

The use of eaves is a practical approach that all homeowners must follow. Once you have built or bought your home, it is your duty to take care of it so that it can be passed down from generation to generation. But a home that is not well taken care of cannot be lived in for too long. The installation of eaves is an absolute must when it comes to taking care of the things that dot your precious indoors – those things that make your life more comfortable. Also, they take care of you and shield you and your home from the ravages of harsh weather conditions, over the years. So invest in eaves today to ensure that you and your family are well taken care of!

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