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INAIN Interior Design Modern living room
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Fão’s idyllic seaside resort has manifold attractions for everyone who comes to visit this place. It boasts of an illustrious history and is blessed with wealth of natural resources. This quaint Portuguese town also enjoys a consistent fan following among those who love to steal some time away, every now and then, from their hectic schedules to find happiness and tranquillity in the lap of nature. The owners of Pinhal House also found an ideal weekend hideaway in Fão.

They have chosen a picturesque spot to set up their holiday abode. It is a unique place where in morning they can enjoy the sight of rising sun from the azure depth of sea; take a brief walk on the sandy shore; enjoy a hearty lunch at home before taking a refreshing walk under the shade of pine trees in the afternoon. The house itself is located within the range of Parque Natural do Litoral Norte’s wooded landscape.

Then, late in the evening, they can all take a stroll on the banks of Cávado River and relish the playfulness of moonlight on the wavy water. In between they have their sprawling residence to enjoy a brief repose. But does the building live up to the beauty of its surrounding? To know that and experience Pinhal House’s many facets we will now step inside it.


Pinhal House’s interior is planned by Inain® Interiordesign. It is spearheaded by Porto based designers Mário Azevedo and Paula Ferreira Alves. With an experience of close to a quarter of a century, the team at Inain® Interiordesign was expected to deliver the results even before they were brought into the project and they did so in style. The house – covering a total of 600 sq metres’ living area – is adorned with high quality objects. Most importantly, it manages to complement the beauty of its surroundings.

Living room

Large glass windows covering three sides of the stylish living room afford generous views of the outside. The décor is minimal and is limited to a cosy and monochrome sectional sofa, coffee table, tv cabinet and stools. A play room, supplied with a pool table, is set up on one end. A circular table surrounded by a set of fashionable chairs also grace the area. The living room showcases an understated colour scheme dominated by white and shades of grey.


The kitchen follows a somewhat unusual linear layout where the classic triangle between the cook top, sink and refrigerator has been broken. Perhaps, this is to honour the stunning views of the surrounding woodland which can be enjoyed through the massive glass paned windows. The kitchen also has direct access to the sundeck and the outdoor entertainment zone. It is fitted with all kinds of modern amenities that are generally needed in a modern household. Like elsewhere within the building, the colour palette is subdued and décor minimal.

Dining parlour

The genial atmosphere of the dining parlour is further accentuated by modish furniture and accessories. It is spacious and decorated with contemporary dining table and chairs. Besides, it has a couple of sofas decorated with snug cushions and trendy chairs. To choose such cool chairs for your living room, do not miss our tips shared here. The space finds added charm in the presence of beautiful Foscarini pendant lighting. Parquet flooring augments the beauty of an already hospitable room.

Colourful bedroom

The master bedroom is decorated in a simple style. However, the warmth of the wooden floor coupled with the colourful bed furnishings help in creating a cheerful looking space. It has its own terrace for relaxing in peace. Courtesy the sliding glass doors, natural light deludes the interior all day long. In the evening, chic bedside lamps and ceiling mounted fixtures brighten up the atmosphere.


Pinhal House’s spa style bathroom is decorated with white sanitary fittings. A large unframed mirror helps to create an expansive looking interior. A combination of wood, vinyl and natural stone adorn its floor and wall partitions. Presence of potted plants and bonsai assists in creating a refreshing space. Now you too can grow bonsai in your home, but do read our suggestions before you start creating your first miniature bonsai garden.

Secondary bedroom

The building boasts of a number of bedrooms. Nearly all of them are styled minimally. This secondary bedroom is decked up with a simple but comfortable bed, rattan chair and light weight bedside tables. Wood framed mirrors embellishing one of the walls can be said the only dramatic element of décor in the entire space. All white walls are complemented with wooden floor.

Media room

A cosy but well decorated media room is another one of the many assets of this modern family home. It is decorated with a large sofa upholstered in blue and an organic rug. Fabric covered stools and tables are also supplied in the room. Except for the home cinema system, a stunning wall art with mirrored surface draws immediate attention.


The study table cum wall mounted shelf seems to be less for studying and more for having a fun time. It is decorated with few knick knacks and fewer books. A comfortable chair is supplied to sit on and do whatever the young ones of the family feel like doing. Wooden wall panels with their antique look increases the ‘wow’ factor.

Outdoor entertainment zone

The outdoor entertainment zone, centred on the swimming pool, is meticulously designed with wooden deck, outdoor dining facilities, lounge chairs and couches. Contemporary furniture follows the stylistic choices observed in the interiors of the house. The grey tone of the furniture and upholstery is pervaded by the overwhelming greenery enclosing the plot. Hedges and other small shrubs beautify the rest of the garden.

Just now you have learned about the multifaceted charm of a Portuguese family home. Which one of its many features attracts you most? Do not forget...

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