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Designing a room for a boy isn't as hard as it may seem. Previously on homify we looked at designing stylish sleeping quarters for a little girl, and today we are turning our attention to the little men in our lives. Here at homify we love to decorate and design functional and age-defiant interior spaces, and in doing so, improve your relationship with your dwelling and its occupants. We've selected our favourite designs and paired them with a few handy hints to help you emulate the style and its decorative elements. 

These days designs have moved away from categorising typical 'male' colour schemes as appropriate for specific genders, and instead a more progressive stance is taken. From neutral bedrooms that are minimal and modern, to industrial-esque and colourful sleeping quarters, there is sure to be something that tickles your fancy. Read on below to learn how to decorate a stylish, sophisticated, fun, playful, and all round enjoyable area for your child!

Make the most of the space

Children's bedrooms are used for more than simply sleeping. They are a place to play, study, relax, and seek solace within a private area of the home. For this reason it is imperative you make the most of the space within the room. The image above is a wonderful example of how to utilise space and create an interesting and stylish bedroom. This space would probably suit slightly older children such as pre or early teens, but could be customised in a similar way to suit younger children too. 

Choose a loft style bed for your child, and underneath consider adding desk or study space. Alternatively, a play area or cubby house could be included beneath the bed, providing a fun addition to the room. There is also abundant storage space along the walls that offer shelving for toys and books. A richer colour scheme in this room actually makes it feel spacious yet cosy. 

Go neutral and minimal

Who says boys' bedrooms cannot be stylish areas that are sleek and chic? These days children have a range of possibilities for the design and decoration of their bedroom, far beyond what was once the blue for boys one-size-fits-all approach. 

When beginning the design of a little boys' room it is a good idea to start with a blank canvas and work from there. This example above is a fabulous demonstration of a minimal space that will look excellent either left as it is, or combined with other stylish elements. If you begin with a room that is sophisticated yet neutral, it is easy to change the design as your child or children age. This room has employed bespoke furniture to maximise the space in the room, and offer two neat beds for a shared room, or if guests come to stay. 

Employ colour, texture and patterns

When adding colour to a little boy's room it can be difficult knowing where to begin. Pattern and texture are an interesting way to circumvent the need to choose specific colours for the space, and instead you will be able to add a combination of hues and different patterns.

This room employs that notion effortlessly and creates the ideal boys' room with seamless integration of neutral hues and bold patterns. We love the way the timber is utilised to add a textural element within the space, and this contributes wonderfully to the overall sense of warmth and hospitality. The patterned rug is another winner for the room's design, creating a sense of timeless modernity that will age well with the child. 

Space for friends

As a child, one of the most exciting times is when you get to have friends come over for a sleepover. This is something that creates memories, and can be a brilliant experience for any youngster. As a parent, having an easily accessible bed for these guests makes the event an easier and less troublesome time. Consider the bed you choose for your little one, and consider extra beds in the room for friends and family when they come to stay.

This example is a brilliant illustration of a gorgeous bespoke bed setup that looks effortlessly chic and timeless. With a number of beds in a room such as this, the vacant spaces can be utilised for other purposes when not needed. One might be a relaxing sofa to read a book, or the top bunks could be employed as storage spaces for linen and cushions. If you are considering customised furniture in your dwelling, chat to a professional to ensure you get the right design for your space. 

Bold and brilliant

To create a style that is individual and suits your little boy; choose a bold colour to highlight certain features within the room. This is a fabulous example that takes that mantra and incorporates orange as the standout hue. The orange ties the room together and imparts a sense of playfulness and vibrancy. 

A place to work and a place to play

Two of the most important elements other than the sleeping space are the work space and play area in a bedroom. As your child grows he will need a place to undertake homework and study. Conversely, play areas are extremely important as they give your little one a designated space to get creative, create a mess, and not cause too much disruption to the rest of your dwelling. 

The example above is a great illustration of a combined work and play area with a desk and adorable tepee that looks super-inviting and welcome. 

Mix and match your accessories

Accessories can really make or break a room's aesthetic. In order to ensure you have a space that looks and feels welcoming, stylish and fun, you need to employ the right decorations and accessories. Take some cues from this stylish room above. The accessories are well-considered and don't impede on the relaxing and welcoming aura of the room. Choose bold colours, timeless designs, and don't be afraid to stick to a colour scheme. Although this is a rather compact room, it still feels spacious and has all of the necessary essentials. 

Do you have a few more ideas to update and refresh your son's bedroom? If you need a little more inspiration, check out another Ideabook here: Sophisticated and stylish children's bedrooms

Do you have any tips for decorating a boys' bedroom for our readers? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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