DIY and home improvement: 6 ideas for improving boring balconies

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DIY, home improvement, landscaping—they're all difficult things to do, but luckily with minimal skill you can do some pretty cool stuff. 

If you are lucky enough to enjoy the privilege of a balcony in Singapore, then you undoubtedly want to ensure it is a relaxing place that you can enjoy year round. For anyone living in a large city a balcony offers a place to escape the four wall of their residence, breathe some fresh air, as well as entertain friends and family. So what do you do if you balcony is slightly on the boring side? When renovating or refurbishing an outdoor space, there are numerous yet simple undertakings, which will drastically improve the comfort and style of your balcony. 

Today on homify we are going to be taking a look at six easy do-it-yourself decoration ideas that will add a little spice to your balcony or outdoor terrace. Makeover ideas such as inexpensively adding foliage and plant life, to adding some furniture are simple and budget friendly solutions. If you would like to learn more about how you can transform your boring balcony into a terrific terrace, read on below!

Add a rug and some floor cushions

One of the easiest ways to update your balcony and add a hint of stylish sophistication is to add a rug and some floor cushions. This is particularly beneficial if your balcony floor is an unappealing concrete, or stained in any way, and will provide an instant and easy refresh. There are many different types of outdoor rugs available with waterproof options particularly helpful if your balcony space receives a large volume of rain. 

The example above is a brilliant illustration of how to incorporate an outdoor rug paired with several floor cushions. The cushions provide a comfy place for friends and family to gather, and help evoke a sense of relaxation and hospitality. Once you've arranged your seating, and added a rug to enhance the floor surface of your balcony it's time to look at the colour scheme of your furniture. 

Choose brightly coloured furniture

The colour palette you choose for your balcony will enhance its overall appearance and style, evoking character and charisma within your dull exterior courtyard. But what colours should you choose, and how can you easily add interesting tones to your balcony? There aren't any hard or fast rules, but you should consult an interior designer if you really need assistance in decorating your outdoor space. 

If you are attempting to DIY your exterior terrace space choose colours that suit your personality, and work well with any additional furniture you may have. If you want to avoid purchasing or making new furniture, you can always think smaller and add throw cushions or a bright throw rug. This will impart a little energy and life without needing to adjust the larger items on your balcony. 

Add plants and flowers

Plants and flowers simply exude a sense of life, energy, and vivacity. They are often inexpensive, fun to look after, and will transform your balcony from boring to brilliant. There are also numerous plant accessories that such as pots, planters, and stands that can add to the chic style of your space. Plants and foliage truly are one of the easiest ways to enliven your balcony, and will do more than simply look great. 

If you find yourself living in a particularly polluted area of the city, plants will act as a filter, protecting the interior of your home from some of the toxins and pollutants. Take a look at the gorgeous example below for a demonstration of how to wonderfully include and add plants to enliven a balcony

Build an outdoor oasis

Next up we are taking a look at a balcony that is far from boring! This gorgeous space is an oasis that works perfectly to provide its occupant with a range of possibilities and options. This garden area could be a wonderful DIY project for a competent home renovator, and will undoubtedly increase the value of the home. 

This example oozes charm and sophistication, with a Zen-like vibe and aura, making it the perfect meditation space for those looking for some solace and peace. Consider building some timber boxes, as well as a privacy wall to keep the neighbours prying eyes out of your balcony space. By adding privacy you will contribute to your home's sense of serenity and tranquillity. 

Ensure you have sufficient seating

As mentioned earlier it is extremely important to ensure you have the correct seating in your balcony space to maximise the efficiency of your balcony. If you are using your outdoor terrace area as a place to entertain, or simply a space to relax and rest, seating should be top of your list. When it comes to seating there are a lot of options. If you want a quick DIY project, consider making some new sofa cushions or seat pads. These will provide an ideal burst of colour depending on the material you use, and ensure your balcony is bright and inviting. 

Clear away any clutter

Finally we arrive at our last tip to ensure your balcony is enjoyable and not at all boring. Clutter is one of the biggest problems that contributes to spaces appearing bland, and unwelcoming. A simple de-clutter of your outdoor space might not seem like the most exciting DIY project to undertake this weekend, but it will undoubtedly improve the ambience and aesthetic of your balcony. 

This is especially important if you have a compact balcony or terrace, where clutter and an overuse of ornamentation will drastically alter the vibe and aura of the space. Take your cues from this lovely clutter-free example above, and create room for yourself and a guest to sit among a few plants in clean and chaos-free environment. 

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How do you create an exciting and lively balcony space in your home? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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