Here is how you can set up your perfect meditation corner at home

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Meditation is an exercise of the mind where the body and soul get centred and enter into a space that ties them together in a deep state of peace and harmony. To meditate on a daily basis is to get in touch with this inner core where a circle or a connection with the inner self is built and nurtured for a more peaceful time in the outside world. For doing this, a calm space is very important – which allows you to balance the mind and the soul, where there is no disturbance. Having a dedicated space or room in your home is not necessary, but it sure does help the mind settle down.

So how should you create this space? For starters, choose for a quiet corner, add some comfy sitting material, keep things uncluttered, add an alter and images of people/god/things which inspire calm in you, and light up some incense sticks and candles. A meditation space in our home reminds us that we need to get off the hamster wheel of life and set aside some time for ourselves. Here are some easy ways to make your home a meditation-ready space

Symmetrical Painting or Figures

Appreciating symmetry greatly increases focus and concentration. So get yourself a figure or a painting that is symmetrical and has been made for a meditative purpose. A symmetrical painting or figure of Buddha or any other kind of scene or personality or even abstract art rendered in exact geometric proportions, can help your meditate and find your Zen. Symmetry is the song of the soul and it encourages thoughts that lead to a particular mode of thoughts that are proportionate, precise and well formed. These thoughts then, trickle down into a series of feelings that make for a calm meditative atmosphere – within and outside! Alternately, you could also use any object that are close to you and moves you – could be a photograph of someone dear and places that calm you, talismans, stones, sacred statues etc.

Candles to Create the Mood

Shortlight Candle Holder Ziggiziggi Dining roomAccessories & decoration

Shortlight Candle Holder


Light is a major factor in meditation. Whether it involves finding the light within, or using a soft glow outside, light is something that gives us direction and meaning when we look inwards for a deep connection with the soul. To forge a better connect with your meditative atmosphere, create the mood with candles. Use incense or scented candles as well as scented oils on oil stands lit from below, to create a mood and space that encourages deep breathing and renders a soothing touch to your surroundings. The market is replete with options that can add a Zen like feel to your space, like the one shown here which has been bought from Ziggiziggi, an online shop in Rickmansworth, UK. 

Free Flowing Air and Good Ventilation

4.5m yoga space, meditation room and music room gemma5 Eclectic style garden

4.5m yoga space, meditation room and music room


Good ventilation is important not only for promoting good health but also for creating a good ambience and ensuring a healthy mind. Plus, the feeling of being caressed by air or the breeze as it flows from one side to the other of your home is an unparalleled feeling that helps you feel one with nature. Air is a major factor that enhances or depletes the quality of meditation. So find your airy spot, open your windows and doors and breathe in the air around you. Early mornings and evenings are the best time to let the air in!

Get comfy with cushions

Get comfortable for a session of inward reflection. Cushions are the best way to create a comfortable ambience because they literally invite you to sink in. First, imagine a straight backed sofa or chair. Does it welcome you to sit back and reflect? Then, imagine floor cushions on a rug by a fireplace, and numerous cushions on comfortable looking couches and even those straight backed chairs. Does that welcome you now? The second option obviously puts you in the mood and space to get meditative. Try soft colours as well as solids or those that have pretty patterns and floral prints. You can also try graphic prints that soothe the eye and help you focus on a symmetrical pattern. Steer clear of heavily embellished cushions or even those that are too vibrant. Try to pick neutrals, pastels and other earthy shades for a calm and meditative atmosphere. Add a matching throw and a rug below and watch the magic unfold!

Add a touch of nature

4.5m Meditation space interior gemma5 Eclectic style garden

4.5m Meditation space interior


Think of the warm and comforting feeling that suddenly envelopes you when you smell the scent of pine wood or the fragrance of flowers or sit by a stream of water. Notice the instant calming effect that comes from green plants in your garden or a green landscape – the mind it seems is instantly filled with a sense of peace and happiness. Its probably why we retreat to spaces filled with wooden interiors and surrounded by tall trees, when we need a break from all the urban trappings of our daily lives. So try establishing a connection with nature in your meditation space – place a bowl of water, place some fresh flowers, add any piece of wooden object nearby, light a sandalwood incense stick. All or any of these elements will help create that special connection with nature and help you fade away from your outside world.

Meditation is a state of mind that reflects the surroundings that you inhabit and call home. To take on a truly meditative character, these surroundings may need to be tweaked to make room for meditation as well as a constant aura of calm to descend over you so that the feeling and after effects of meditation remain with you throughout the day. This will also help you put your learnings and evolution into practice as you descend into a pool of calm – inside and outside!

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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