A Precision Perfect Geometric House in the Lap of Nature

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Miguel Ferreira Arquitectos Villas
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Sesimbra is often considered one of Portuga’s prettiest beachside towns. The choppy water of the Atlantic Ocean is defining the contour of Sesimbra’s beautiful face for thousands of years. The once important sea port has reinvented itself as an attractive tourism destination. Its charming location in the bosom of Serra da Arrábida’s mountainous terrain is enchanting enough. Close proximity to Setúbal Bay enhances its charm. And as if all of these are not enough, a green garb belonging to the Arrábida National Park cloaks its shoreline.

The airport at Lisbon is less than an hour’s drive away. All modern amenities are easily found close at hand within the boundaries of the city and beyond. There aren’t many who would not like to set up their dwelling in a scenic location like this. The owners of this contemporary residential premise were not among the ones to miss the opportunity of building their dream home here. When realised, their dream abode became quite a spectacle in itself.

In the conceptualisation phase

The owners wanted a stylish home built according to the contemporary standards. They sought the assistance of Miguel Ferreira Arquitectos, a local architectural firm that already made a name for itself. The house was to occupy a corner plot of handsome size. It was, and still is, flanked by modern vacation homes on both sides. Besides, it is well connected by road to the other parts of Sesimbra and beyond.

Exterior of the house

The house stands in the middle of a sprawling lawn. The swimming pool complex is located in the frontyard. An atrium is set up at the meeting of the vertical and horizontal sections of the building. The long and winding portico appears to be a perfect place to sit down and enjoy a brief repose, savour the views of the surrounding or spend time with one’s close friends and family members. Along with the lounge chairs seen scattered here and there, a few other items of décor would be sufficient to create a fine outdoor entertainment zone. To learn more about this aspect of designing see our article here.

Façade from a different angle

When scrutinised from a different angle, the façade reveals an unusual volumetric distribution of the entire structure. Sometimes faux walls and partitions are erected to gain pure aesthetic advantages and, at other times, to protect the privacy of the interiors. Shades of grey and white dominate its exterior and, as you will shortly see, make their presence felt even within the confinement of the building.

Main entrance

The main entrance is guarded by a frameless pivot door, a style which is becoming popular by the day. This type of doors helps to create an impressive entrance, but to function properly they require a larger than normal opening. Also, as this trendy door shows, not all pivot doors are hinged at the centre. This is something to consider when building a door like this at your home. The intermingling of grey and white shades is evident on the door as well as the sidewalls.


The bedrooms occupy the first floor level. One bedroom suite – located in a corner of the house – acts as a stylistic specimen of the entire structure. It has large picture windows and sliding doors to catch glimpses of the surrounding woods. One of the glass doors gives access to a generously proportioned terrace. The interior décor follows minimalist design principles. Except for a comfortable cot, dresser, side tables and cabinet the room has precious little to boast of. It is decked up in a similarly simplified colour palette dominated by white, black and shades of grey.

Hallways and corridors

Different parts of the building are connected by long and narrow corridors and hallways. The rooms are set on one side of these corridors. Clinical precision in planning and execution, minimalist colour palette as experienced throughout the building and complete absence of any decorative feature make it rather a unique piece of design for a residential project. Glass paned windows assist in the inflow of natural light and offer sumptuous views of the surrounding greenery.


The delightfully decorated all white kitchen is adorned with smart articles of furniture and kitchen accessories. It is set to professional standards and boasts of a neat and tidy look. The shine of the tiled floor finds its match in the sheen of the laminated cabinet doors. Stylish bar stools surround the kitchen island. The layout is traditional and comfortable for working long hours. A metallic hall table, set against one of the walls, is seen embellished with a handful of decorative items. And, if at any point of time the owners feel fatigued by constant exposure to a blazing white tone, they just need to look up and behold the scenery outside.

This house incorporates contemporary grey, white and black colour scheme in its interior. Do you prefer a more vibrant colour scheme for your home ...

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