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Just because your kitchen is small, doesn't mean it can't boast serious style, along with efficient versatility. Our kitchens often form central hubs within our homes, and for this reason they need to work in a way that accommodates the household as well as its situation within the dwelling. Compact kitchens need to espouse a clutter-free aesthetic and a welcoming ambience. It is our cooking areas that are often the busiest places of our abode, and by reducing clutter it is possible to create a seemingly larger and more spacious room. 

Here at homify we love a well-designed kitchen, whether it's a large and luxurious manor house, or a compact contemporary apartment, kitchens are undoubtedly at the core and heart of one's home. Today we are taking a peek at some of the latter; small kitchens that come replete with style, sophistication and striking design. If you're getting tired of your cooking space, or are considering a refresh and makeover, check out some of our handy hints below. 

Go minimal

As one of the most common stylistic choices for a compact or small kitchen, minimalism is a go-to aesthetic. Minimal kitchens are timeless; they age extremely well, and leave the canvas blank for any personalisation or unique additions.  This kitchen has incorporated a sand coloured blind and pattered tiles to spruce up the minimal design of this stunning compact cooking area. 

What we love: this kitchen is practically perfect in every way. Minimal yet welcoming, the compact space manages to create a simple and effective area for food preparation. As an added plus, the joinery is fitting free, which ensures the room isn't crowded by additional accessories. 

Customise your space to suit your needs

Customisation really is the key to getting exactly what you want from your compact kitchen space. This image is a continuation of the kitchen above, and shows the small dining area that has been incorporated into the room. Perfect for a quick breakfast, or simply somewhere to rest a cake while it cools, this type of inclusion can drastically alter the nature of your kitchen for the better. 

Different customisations of your kitchen might include slightly higher worktops, self-closing drawers, or a patterned floor tile, either way there are numerous changes you can make to truly personalise and improve your cooking area. 

What we love: this kitchen is perfectly customised for its occupants, and although the space is slight and compact, there is still a comfortable area to sit and eat a meal. 

Mix modernity with a sense of rustic charm

If minimal isn't quite your cup of tea, consider a kitchen that blends a couple of popular styles together. Above is a gorgeous example of rustic accents and modern amenities. Conveniently, this kitchen would suit a traditionally styled dwelling, or a contemporary abode. Think about the design and decorative elements of your cooking space and pair textures such as timber with more modern designs such as fitting-free joinery, contemporary stone worktops, or exposed shelving. 

What we love: the open shelving really helps cement this kitchen as a unique and charming design. Filled with quirky additions, the variety of colours and textures is simply beautiful.

Hide your kitchen altogether

Let's face it, in a small one bedroom or studio apartment, the last thing you want are kitchen odours drifting through the tight living spaces. Additionally, you don't want to give up too much room to a cooking area when space is at an absolute minimum. That's where the hidden kitchen really comes into its own. Ideal for apartment living, or where space is non-existent, this kitchen is the perfect solution. 

Everything here is contained within a couple of metres of joinery, with doors that can be folded over to hide the cooking area when not in use. 

What we love: the all-in-one essence of this wonderfully compact kitchen is delightfully tetris-like in its appeal. Boasting everything one might need, this is a true space saver!

Get colourful

Sometimes, monochromatic colour schemes within compact kitchens can lack a sense of pizazz and flair. If your home is void of architectural features or simply lacks character, you can incorporate some through your choice of kitchen design. This example is a fabulous representation of a colourful kitchen that really packs a stylish punch! The high gloss red joinery is paired with a central island, and stainless steel appliances. 

What we love: the timber kitchen island with room for occupants to watch the chef at work is brilliant. Almost like being at a teppanyaki restaurant, this design is welcoming and sleek. 

Create a multi-purpose area

One part industrial-chic, and another part comfortable family home, this kitchen is truly a cut above the rest. The designers of the neat cooking space have created a multi-purpose area to maximise the kitchen's perceived spaciousness. Instead of an island in the middle of the room there is a dining table at bench height, which can be used for gathering the family or friends for a meal, yet simultaneously serves the purpose of additional counter space. The eclectic mix of styles represents a characterful room, which also looks sophisticated and expressively well-rounded. 

What we love: the exposed painted brick walls add that authentic loft style experience to the entire space. The retro fridge packs a punch, and the chalkboard wall is a real hit. 

Make the most of every corner

When it comes to creating a new kitchen in an extremely compact space it can be a tough challenge for even the most skilled of kitchen designers. This space has manages to ensure the room still feels open and versatile, while making the most of every corner. At the end of the room we see the cooker, while the sink is to the left, and the fridge and small bench sits to the right. This is a well-designed space that ensures the occupant is comfortable when prepping and cooking their meals. 

What we love: although this kitchen is minute and terrifically tiny, it packs a punch with its effectiveness. Each corner has been utilised, and there is no wasted space. The light lilac of the joinery imparts a sense of life with a welcoming yet not overpowering ambience. 

Go vertical

Finally we are taking a peek at a gorgeous apartment kitchen that has looked upwards when installing the joinery. The cupboards encompass the entire wall, and provide abundant storage for the occupants of this home. 

What we love: the timber that has been placed above the top cabinets is a chic and well juxtaposed addition to the ultra-modern joinery. 

We hope this Ideabook provided some stylishly inspirational compact kitchen ideas, if you would like to keep reading check out: The Compact Home with a Large Interior

Which compact kitchen is your favourite? If you would like to start a conversation, leave us a comment below!

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