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Today for homify 360°, we are examining a unique, modern take on a country house. The private home was designed by German studio C95 Architeckten, who wanted to create a contemporary structure that would not feel out of of place in the woods of Schildow.

A cube in the woods

Upon first encountering the house, we are faced with a large cube whose extreme geometrical design seems to contrast sharply with its surroundings. One of the first things that we note is the colour of the house. Black is certainly an unusual choice for a home, and it gives the structure a heavy, arguably imposing presence. The shade capitalises on the square shape, and creates a stark contrast between the building and its environment. However, as we begin to view the dark cube in relation to world around it, we start to sense a deep resonance created by the interaction of the flat black and the lush green around it.  One can imagine how beautiful the home looks surrounded by autumn leaves in the fall or dusted with snow in the winter. 

Consistent colours

The bathroom abandons the stark white walls of the rest of the house, in favour of tile work, but the subtle black, grey and white colour scheme ensures that the room is not out of place with the rest of the décor. The intricate pattern created by the small tiles calls out to both the compartmentalised shelves in other areas of the home and the leafy branches outside the window. 

Country loft

Despite its rural location, the interior of the house has been set up in a manner that recalls an urban loft more than a country cottage. Although we don't often think of it, this design makes sense.  After all, doesn't the countryside contain more wide open spaces than the city? 

Framing nature

Upon entering the house, our perceptions have been dramatically shifted. The square shaped picture window echoes and inverts the structure itself. From outside we saw a black cube surrounded by nature, but inside we are faced with an expanse of white walls that frame and subdue the natural world. The furniture and decoration is kept rather minimalist, allowing the spectacular forest view to take centre stage. 

Detailed shelves

Details like this partition shelf help maintain the open, loft plan by letting light pass through in a way that a normal wall would not allow.  In addition, the design of the shelf falls in line with the other, nature inspired patterns that reoccur through out the house.  The alignment of the compartments suggests a beehive, while its lines refer again to the bark referenced in the siding. 

Subtle texture

Upon drawing nearer to the house, we can see more details that help the building to fit into its environment. The siding is marked with thin, horizontal stripes, which, especially when viewed behind the tree trunks pictured here, call to mind the delicate patterns of the bark on the surrounding trees.  The large windows act as mirrors, reflecting the leaves and sky back to the viewer so that in places the house looks almost invisible. This interplay of presence and absence lends an ephemeral quality to the building, despite its initial impression of overwhelming solidity. 

Parting scene

Before walking away into the woods, we turn to see the back of the house. From this angle, we notice again the presence of simple, linear patterns, which mark modern architecture, and the abundance of glass windows and doors that helps to blur the line between the home and its environment.  

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