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From Singapore-based interior design firm VOILÀ Design comes not only a super exciting space to explore, but also the chance to discover two of Europe’s trendiest and most stylish locations via a competition! But first, more about the professionals…  

With an ever-growing portfolio of high-end projects, the experts at VOILÀ Design make it very clear that their focus is on new designs and top-notch renovations right across Singapore. Not only do they search for new and innovative ways to change a client’s interior spaces, but they also take into account who the client is, the way in which he/she works, and how that translates into their daily wants and needs.

With this unique way of approaching interior design and customer satisfaction, no wonder the team is known for their incredible assortment of services, including consultation, space planning, and alterations in both the commercial- and residential industries. 

The VOILÀ Design competition

Want to see how two of Europe’s most deluxe locations stand up to Singapore in terms of design and architecture? Then you may want to take part in the Voila Euro-Flight Facebook Contest, which is open from November 2018 until May 2019. Enter now and stand a chance to win a return ticket for two that will take you from Singapore to London to Barcelona and back to Singapore.

But for now, on with the team’s latest design piece, entitled 22 Teow Hock Avenue.

Scandinavian splendour: The living room

The trend of incorporating the Scandinavian / Nordic style into interior design is nothing new. Nobody can deny the visual appeal that results from those soft-toned wooden surfaces, neutral colour palettes, visual spaciousness, and a touch of bright colour and pattern here and there.

For this 65 m² city apartment, VOILÀ Design reminds us, once again, how clean, quiet and comforting this interior style can be when done correctly. 

Here in the living room (which also doubles as a study), buckets of sunshine stream indoors to make the interiors light up and seem more open and welcoming. 

Scandinavian splendour: The kitchen

For the cooking space, a touch of patterns was added to ensure visual character. Thus, in-between the beach-toned wooden cabinetry we get to see Mediterranean-style wall tiles for extra detail.

The rest of the kitchen expertly keeps up with the clean-and-subtle look via wooden surfaces and a small dose of shine (via the modern appliances).

Scandinavian splendour: The bedroom

Even the private rooms of this apartment get to bask in full Scandinavian splendour, as evidenced by the bedroom. And just see how a slight rise in floor level adds a more 'official' look to the bedroom—an expert tip for when you want to separate different zones in interiors without having to erect walls / waste valuable floor space.

Scandinavian splendour: Delicate details

Speaking of saving space, see how this Scandinavian / Minimalist bed flaunts built-in nightstands to help free up extra legroom. 

Our favourite piece here? It has to be that modern circular pendant dangling from above, ensuring a touch of dazzle (ideal for night-time reading) while also leaving more space available on the bedside table.

Scandinavian splendour: The bathroom

Last but certainly not least, the bathroom, where all the winning touches seen in the rest of the apartment (i.e. soft patterns, neutral colour schemes, open spaces, lots of natural light) make a return. 

Notice the touch of greenery on the right side—another important touch of the Scandinavian style, which aims to always bring in some flora to offset with the surrounding neutral hues.

Another space, another style – let’s take a look at Modern interior design by Singapore professionals

What are your thoughts on the Scandinavian interior design style: pure perfection, or too subtle for your taste?

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