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Today on homify we are going to take a look at two important chair designs you simply need to know about! These two chairs have shaped the design world and continue to be used to create stylishly individual interiors. The 366 armchair is a timeless piece that not only looks fabulous today but has informed countless contemporary furniture designs. The second we will be taking a brief gander of is the RM58 armchair. A truly fabulous design with an interesting history, this bubble-like seat has inspired many retro and modern pieces we see today.

Chairs are more than simply a place to sit, they are windows into the past as well as the future, and can offer a fabulous insight into the way we live and have lived. If you would like to learn more about the famous 366 and RM58 chairs, read on below to see how they have been utilised in the past, and how they continue to motivate the future of furniture design.

1. The RM58 chair

Inventor and designer: Roman Modzelewski

Year created: 1958

Known for: avant-garde and modernist design. Bubble-like appearance, with an organic form that is fabricated from spun, moulded polyethylene. 


As a unique object known throughout the world, the RM58 chair is an undeniably captivating chair. Cementing this chair's status in the design world, it is now on permanent display at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Boasting timeless contemporaneity, this impressive feat of mid-century design is now seen throughout living spaces worldwide. 

Retro interpretations

Here we see a retro interpretation of the RM58 chair, with a few different additions. This room is particularly playful, and looks perfectly designed for a young child or teenager. The chair, although not the original RM58, this interpretation of the general style is impressive in its ability to standout as a feature, while also offering a practical place to sit, relax and unwind. 

Use it: in bright and vivacious living spaces. Pair this wonderful chair with other pieces of mid-century design to create an enlightening and stirring space. 

As well as looking fabulous in a young child's room, this chair is also well regarded as furniture for sleek formal living spaces, lounge rooms, and bedrooms alike. 

Contemporary interpretations

For a more contemporary touch, take a peek at this gorgeous example. The colour scheme of the room is perfectly neutral, while the chair sits in the corner as a feature, but subtly offering a place to sit. This is a good example of how contemporary rooms can incorporate mid-century modern furniture to create a space that is retro, with a sleek, striking new-age design. 

Use it: with contemporary furniture, bold colours, and employ the chair as a statement. 

Additionally, the chair would work well in a heritage setting. The juxtaposition of two different eras can look intriguing and interesting, adding to a room's appeal and fascination. If you are considering a chair such as this for a contemporary or heritage space, chat to an interior designer for any additional tips or advice you may require. 

2. The 366 chair

Inventor and designer: Joseph Chierowski

Year created: 1962

Known for: compact size, lightweight construction, comfort and modernist design.


This classic Polish modernist design is thanks to the legendary designer J. Chierowski, who revolutionised the concept of the modern chair. Chierowski worked as a professor at the Wroclaw School of Arts and is undeniably one of the most interesting Polish designers of the midcentury. The chair was produced in excess of 20 years, and sold over half a million units during its time. As one of the most recognisable and respected chair designs in Poland today, the 366 chair was formulated to meet the needs of the people; one of Chierowski's main tenets of design. 

Embracing the past

This chair embraces the past and works beautifully when paired with heritage or retro interiors. The original chair built in the 1960s to the 1980s utilised a less sleek frame than we see today. Due to the Polish furniture making industry's lack of advanced fastenings, the screws were visible on the outer legs of the chair. However, since the chair has been brought back into production, it now includes hidden fittings and fixtures, just as Chierowski's original minimalist design would have wanted. 

Use it: in all different interior spaces, as this is a highly practical and versatile piece of furniture. Look at utilising the chair with other timber furniture to match the medium wood of the frame, and experiment with different hues that can be paired and contrasted against the upholstery. 

Retro styling with a modern application

Lungsod Collection bococo Living roomAccessories & decoration

Lungsod Collection


In this final image we see a chair that isn't the exact 366 chair, but is a similar style. These days there are plenty of different chairs that share many similarities, and these can be interchanged when the desired seat isn't available. Still boasting a retro appearance, this chair is sleek and timeless in its mid-century modern appearance. This chair, very much like the RM58 chair, is a versatile piece that would work brilliantly in a contemporary setting, just as it would a retro or vintage one. Look for similar timber pieces, and choose upholstery that suits your overall colour scheme and abode's ambience. 

Use it: with either bold or subdued furniture. This chair looks lovely paired with a vivid colour scheme, and can impart character and charm within a room. Similarly, it can sit back and work as an understated item that brings a sense of refinement to the space.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these two fabulous Polish chair designs! If you would like to learn more about household furniture, check out another of our Ideabooks here: Classy interior seating

What did you think of these two chairs? Do you have a favourite? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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