8 budget ways to increase the value of your home

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Your home is undeniably the largest purchase you will likely make in your lifetime, and for this reason you are going to want to maximise its value. A dwelling is a crucial asset for both family and single life; it provides equity for other ventures, additional abodes, and is commonly handed down to children to provide for them once we retire. Because of these factors is it in the interest of the homeowner to increase the fundamental assessment price of the property, ensuring it will appreciate in value over time. Now, often we spend a great deal of money on the actual house or apartment, leaving very little for renovations or refurbishments. Today on homify we are going to show you eight different ways to maximise your dwelling’s worth, without breaking the bank.

Extensions and kitchen upgrades are the most popular way to boost a home’s value, but these are often pricey and when you consider architects/designers and other decorators fees, it is often out of reach of the common homeowner. Some alternative upgrades include replacing fittings throughout the residence, updating window frames, creating a cloak room, and making the house brighter through lighting and new fixtures. If you would like some inspiration, and several handy hints to improve your abode, read on to learn more!

Get rid of those old window frames

The improvement: give those old aluminium ‘70s era frames the flick and opt for something modern, in keeping with your home’s aesthetic

Window frames can make a huge impact on the overall style and ambience of a dwelling. If you have purchased an older home or a mid-century dwelling, you may the window frames out of date and unappealing. Moreover, window frames can age poorly, leading to inefficient and difficult opening and closing movements.

Windows are such as key part of your abode’s overall appearance it can be a good idea to chat to a professional if you are considering an update. Look at timber alternatives, or thermally insulated windows to keep out heat and keep in the cool.

Replace doors that are unattractive

The improvement: unattractive doors can really ruin the style and interior design of a dwelling. Look at replacing shabby doors with new modern alternatives to give your home an instant spruce up!

Are your doors tattered, dented, difficult to open and close, or simply outdated? If they are, it is a good idea to consider replacement. Doors are a key element to the proper functioning of a household, and new doors can add a huge amount of value.

If you have doors that are old, but retain decent historic or heritage value, don’t throw them out! Remove your doors and take them to a professional restorer who will give them a new lease on life.

Toss those old outdated fittings

The improvement: fittings are one of the easiest items to replace within the home, and can have a drastic impact on the overall atmosphere within a space. Think about new door handles, contemporary kitchen and bathroom tapware, as well as new accessories (towel rails, clothes hooks etc.)

Similar to the aforementioned doors, if your fittings don’t work correctly or look outdated it is a good idea to replace them. If they have heritage value, fittings such as taps and door handles can benefit greatly from restoration.

Some fittings such as tapware tend to date and can cause functionality issues. By replacing these with more modern alternatives, such as flick mixers, you will find your life is easier and home’s value increases.

Create a clever cloak room

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


The improvement: cloak rooms are extremely popular with homebuyers as it gives the sense of formality and organisation within the home. If you have a large entrance space, look at installing a walk-in cupboard or other closed area to hold garments.

No one likes a messy hallway or entrance space! Clean out that cluttered area by installing a walk-in cloak room, or row of storage cupboards. This works particularly well if you have wasted space in your entrance, and will appeal to homebuyers as well as increasing your dwelling’s value.

Improve natural light and ventilation

The improvement: a home that is dark and dank is both uninviting and unappealing. Maximise natural light and ventilation in your dwelling with additional windows, glazed doors, and roof lights.

If you have a courtyard or outdoor area, take a look at the doors you have servicing the space and consider their value. Do they let in a copious volume of natural light? If the answer is no you might want to think about installing glazed French doors, sliding doors or bi-fold doors. These can drastically improve the value of your home, and will keep the room feeling fresh and energetic.

Give your entrance an update

The improvement: neaten up your entrance and curbside appeal with a freshly painted front door

The entrance and façade of your home is crucial to its value. If a front door is shabby and unwelcoming, it’s highly likely that potential homebuyers will avoid it in favour of a cleaner, neater dwelling. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by painting the front door. Paint is relatively cheap, plus it is a job that can be done on the weekend as an enjoyable DIY project.

If you are looking to sell your home and want to give it that extra edge over other properties, try a bright or bold front door hue. High gloss finishes and vivid hues such as blue, red, yellow, green and black are known to stick in the minds of those purchasing a dwelling, and may just make your home a little more memorable.

Focus on your bathroom

The improvement: bathrooms are one of the most commonly utilised rooms within the home, and surprisingly often the most neglected. Update your bathroom with new linen, a fresh coat of paint or updated tiles to really impart a renewed vibe.

If you are having difficulty in knowing how to update your bathroom, take some cues from the bathroom section of homify and consider emulating some of the designs for your own interior space.

Go minimal to increase spaciousness

The improvement: often too many household items can contribute to the home feeling shabby and unkempt. Take some time to conduct a thorough audit of everything in your dwelling, and remove any items that are causing clutter within the space.

Minimalism is an easily obtainable aesthetic that can be applied to any dwelling. Not only will reducing the number of piece of furniture in your house make it cleaner, but it will feel much larger as well. If you aren’t in the position to actually extend your living spaces, try increasing them through de-cluttering.

We hope this Ideabook provided you with some neat tips and tricks to give your home a makeover and improve its value! If you'd like to read more, check out additional domestic inspiration with 6 brilliant budget bedroom hacks.

Do you have any helpful tips for our readers? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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