How to use wallpaper in the bathroom

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When it comes to wallpaper in the bathroom, most individuals are well-acquainted with the disastrous results that can occur when the wrong design is employed, or it is installed incorrectly. Gaudy hues that do nothing to enhance the serenity of the bathroom are a common mistake to make, while steam from the shower can easily create a nightmarish wall of peeling paper and bubbling paint. So is wallpaper in the bathroom a bad idea? Or can it be installed in such a way that contributes to an overall sophisticated aesthetic? 

If you are a fan of wallpaper in the home, you'll be happy to hear that it can most certainly be employed in the bathroom. Bathrooms that utilise wallpaper correctly are often extremely stylish spaces brimming with personality and charisma. So what is it exactly that constitutes correct or incorrect wallpapering? Essentially, as with every room in the house, you need to consider your overall theme, style, and aesthetic. There is no point adding four walls of bright orange paisley wallpaper if the room really needs subdued grey damask. Think about your room's theme, its colour scheme, and incorporate wallpaper that suits your room. 

Below we have collated a series of essential tips and tricks for before you begin adding wallpaper to your bathroom. Whether you are considering some new paper, or would simply like to reinvigorate your bathroom, read on to learn more!

Choosing your wallpaper

When picking wallpaper for your bathroom you want to think of a few important things. Firstly, you are going to need a paper that will stand up to the moisture-rich conditions normally present in a wash space, as well as picking something that suits your overall theme and style.

Luckily these days there are a plethora of different and interesting wallpapers that can make finding your ideal style a lot easier. Consider the following:

- The size of your space

- The colour of your existing fixtures and fittings

- The style of your existing fixtures and fittings

- Whether your walls are painted or tiled

- Whether you want to wallpaper the entire space or simply a feature wall

- And the general ambience and vibe you want to create within your bathroom

Once you have thought about these different factors it is time to start looking for your ideal wallpaper. Speak to a professional about choosing a material that will withstand moisture and perhaps one that is specially designed for wet areas.

Vinyl wallpaper

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Vinyl wallpaper was particularly popular during the 1970s but that doesn’t have to put you off. Nowadays vinyl wallpaper is a great choice for those wanting something tactile, light-resistant, easy to install and super easy to clean. Low-maintenance and highly practical, vinyl wallpaper is a great option for bathroom and wash spaces.

Gone are the days of dreary poo-brown patterns, now vinyl wallpaper is available in modern, contemporary and uber-chic styles, which will seamlessly inject a little trendiness into your abode. A true classic you will either love them or hate them, but there is no denying their practicality and domestic versatility. Vinyl wallpapers are also available in a range of embossed or three-dimensional textures, which can be perfect for hiding wall defect (we will discuss this below).

Combining tiles and wallpaper

Folia Birds Wallpaper Witch and Watchman Walls & flooringWallpaper
Witch and Watchman

Folia Birds Wallpaper

Witch and Watchman

A great way to break into the bathroom wallpaper game is to install a single feature wall, or combine your paper with tiles. No one says you need to wallpaper your entire space, and a half-half combination can actually add more to the overall room that a completely covered area.

A good way to do this is to tile up to half of the wall. The tiles will act like a wainscoted feature, while the wallpaper will impart personality to the rest of the space. Additionally, this is a great way to save money as an entirely tiled room is often extremely expensive.

Textured paper for hiding wall defects

As we mentioned earlier, wallpaper is a great way to hide wall defects. If you reside in an apartment, if you are a renter, or simply don’t want to undertake a full-blown domestic renovation, wallpaper is your saving grace. Cracks in walls, dents, scratches and unsightly lumps and bumps are all covered effortlessly by adding wallpaper to your walls.

Look for textured wallpaper, and consider vinyl wallpaper for its stronger and more robust construction. By adding an embossed wallpaper, you will notice dents and bumps disappear, ensuring your room feels far more enjoyable

Using wallpaper in small bathrooms

There is a general myth that one cannot employ wallpaper in their bathroom, but this really couldn’t be further from the truth. Wallpaper is excellent in small and compact spaces, adding interest and style to the overall aesthetic. Small rooms needn’t stick to a boring white colour scheme, but instead benefit from darker hues, and attention-grabbing patterns.

If you are unsure, speak to a professional for some expert advice, or order some samples that you can put up against the wall to see which ones you like the most.

Mould-proof your wallpaper

Finally, consider mould-proofing your wallpaper. There are plenty of different bathroom-specific papers available, but if you choose something generic, you might want to ensure you don’t have an item that might become a target for mould and mildew.

Head to your local decorator centre or hardware store and speak to a salesperson about the best way to waterproof your wallpaper. This might include sealing the wall underneath before adding your paper, or perhaps spraying it with a chemical that will resist bacterial growth.  Did this Ideabook inspire you to consider wallpaper in your bathroom? If you would like to continue reading, check out: 6 easy steps to a fancy bathroom.

Have you got any tips or tricks for our homify community? If you have bathroom wallpaper advice or information, leave a comment below!

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