Ingenious Ways to Save Space at Home

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What seems to be an insurmountable challenge can actually turn out to be a fine opportunity for you to showcase your talent. French author and playwright Molière believed, 'The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.' Here the challenge is to decorate your small home. The rewards are many – benefits of staying in a gracefully styled home, inhabiting an uncluttered space, enjoying healthier and more cheerful living conditions. Showing off your ingenious streak as an interior stylist is also one of its many benefits. 

However, you need to thoroughly plan and organise your interior so that you can turn your small house or tiny apartment into a comfortable space to live in. This is one of the obvious disadvantages of such an endeavour, if you consider it to be so. As you begin brainstorming and then renovating your living space, you are bound to discover that decorating a small space can also be a fun experience. 

You will explore options that you never thought existed, make the best use of every square inch of the available space and will eventually give your home a completely new look. But before you attempt such a task go through some of our tips which will help you to get started.

Try an open floor plan

It's stylish, contemporary and has the following benefits:

- Light and air flow naturally in a space like this to create a homey and cheerful looking living area.

- When kitchen, dining and living is combined this way, householders can easily interact with each or with the guests.

- Internal walls no longer create any obstruction or consume space. Naturally, the entire area looks more spacious.

However, with this type of arrangement, the privacy of the inner quarters of a building is sometimes sacrificed. You are not left with any hiding places for your old memorabilia or such items no longer in use, soiled clothes and linen, rubbish etc. Make sure to plan for resolving these concerns even before getting started.

Volumetrically redistribute the space

Think of volumetric reorganisation of space. If you live in a building which boasts of more than a standard 2.4 metre or approximately 8 feet ceiling, then you can effectively use this tactics. Many older buildings still retain their greater than usual ceiling heights. Segregate a floor into two levels. Use the upper lever for building a home office, study, hobby room, dressing room or anything else that suits the available space. You can also use it as an additional storage space. Treat this area like any other room of your home. Give it a chic look. Use skylights, windows and artificial lights to light it up. A bright space looks more expansive than it actually is.

Use spaces that you have so far overlooked

Think of utilising every available nook and corner of your home. But remember, doing so randomly would not bring best results. It will only increase the clutter even more. Consider your requirements and prioritise them. Thoroughly plan in advance, make sketches whenever possible and take measurements. You may need to custom order furniture to suit the specific area you are planning to reuse. This house, planned by Ricardo Bosi Arquitetura, converted its understair space into an open plan kitchen cum dining area. Depending on the availability of space and its suitability, you can make use of the landing, hall, corridors and other similarly neglected corners of your home.

Use furniture with storage space

Besides the specific function that they are supposed to perform, make each piece of furniture serve two other purposes – act as a decorative item and double up as a storage unit. By closely following this, you will be able to free up a lot of space in every room. Let your bed store all the bed furnishings and other household knick knacks, your coffee table all the magazines and periodicals, ottomans hold small household items and so on. Keep things organised in such a way, that you do not need to ransack every article of storage furniture before you could locate your desired items.

Reorganise your attic

bedroom Fisher ID Classic style bedroom
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Fisher ID

This is often one of the most neglected or underutilised portion of a building. Refurbish your attic or loft space and give it a fashionable makeover. Utilise this space for building a guest room, library, artist’s studio or media room. See some of our suggestions here for an inspiring makeover of this space. Treat it with extra care if you are thinking of turning it into a study or home office.

Build smart shelves and cabinets

This living room designed by Rodrigo Maia Arquitetura + Design uses its display cabinet as a screen between two parts of the same room. You can borrow such ideas, to neatly showcase your collections and also maintain the privacy of a portion of your apartment. This would be particularly handy if you are already practicing open floor plan. When you must have internal walls, use them to build shelves, TV cabinet, bookcases or wall mounted closet. Take additional care to maintain a neat and tidy looking cabinet so that it also augments the beauty of your room.

Refurbish your garage

Reorganise your garage space too. Often, you can create additional room for storage in your garage. By intelligently redesigning your garage or garden shed you can even extract additional spaces for an entertainment zone, music room, home gym or laundry. Organise all the tools in a wall mounted cabinet. Thoroughly clean up the space and measure the currently unused area. Now think of various ways of properly utilising this space. Can you tuck your play room or entertainment zone in this space? Or consider building a home office? If need be use screens or faux partitions to neatly divide it into different zones. You may also need to make slight structural modification of this space. You will have to allow more light and air in, if you plan to stay here longer than originally foreseen.

How do you save space at home? Inspire us below in the comments!

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