Big Ideas for Small Balconies

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Porthleven LEIVARS Eclectic style balcony, veranda & terrace
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As John Keats once said, ''Tis very sweet to look into the fair / And open face of heaven, to breathe a prayer / Full in the smile of the blue firmament.' No-one would agree with him more than modern apartment dwellers and owners of small houses. Those of you immersed in the fast-paced life of a city already know how difficult it is to tear yourself away to the lap of nature even for a weekend or two. A tiny balcony becomes the only place to sit, relax and watch the smiling face of blue sky above. 

If you live in one of those beautifully decorated penthouses then you will also have the privilege of looking over ever-expanding city limits to enjoy the sunset behind tall buildings. But to enjoy the views outside or engage in a hearty conversation with friends and family members, you need to tactfully organise a small space. Today we will discuss how you can make the best out of your small balcony.

Create a detailed plan

Begin by measuring the space and making a detailed scheme for it. Ask yourself how you plan to use it. Do you want to build a tiny entertainment zone here? Or do you prefer to have it as a cosy place to share your thoughts with that special someone? Perhaps you wish to turn it into a mini barbecue area… Think of the items that you must have there and those that are less indispensable. Learn to prioritise between your choices.

Organic material for furniture

Select furniture suitable for a small balcony. Sofa and chairs made of wicker, jute, cane, coir and other types of natural fibre look stylish in an outdoor area. Most of these are lightweight and capable of withstanding the elements of nature. You can deck up your small balcony with these items. Do not clutter it with too many items. If you have a plan to build a more elaborate party zone you will have to select furniture suitable for the occasion. Otherwise, a couch, couple of chairs or stools should be enough for a small space. 

Open up the space by connecting with the interior

Porthleven LEIVARS Eclectic style balcony, veranda & terrace



This is not a difficult task. Use large French windows or glass wall to connect with the interior and give a more expansive feel. When structural improvements are possible, demolish the interior wall and place a screen or faux partition in its place. Bamboo panels, framed curtains or shades can also be used for the same purpose. This free-flowing space will allow an uninterrupted social interaction between the members of your family and guests. Thanks to greater inflow of natural light and air, you will manage to create a brighter and more cheerful interior as well.

Invest in multifunctional furniture

Being a modern householder you must have already experienced the benefits of buying multifunctional furniture. Storage beds, tables and sofas are now featured items of almost every small home. They help to neatly organise a space and reduce any creeping sense of clutter. For a small balcony you can have couches and chairs with built-in storage, tools that can be transformed into a coffee table etc. For the sake of convenience, consider using furniture that can be easily folded away for future use. You can customise furniture according to your requirements and space that you are decorating.

Stylise the balustrade

To give this space a cheery and decorative feel, use fashionable balustrade. Choose a style that is suitable for the ambiance of your home. Nouveau-style balustrade may not suit a contemporary apartment. Similarly, simple aluminium balustrade would not be sufficient to beautify a classically decorated house. If you want to cherish the excellent views of the outside, think of installing a glass balustrade. Vinyl is low maintenance, durable and pocket-friendly. Wood and stone look elegant in any setting. Polymer balustrade with a stone look or polyurethane can be used as they too are affordable and lightweight. Decorate the balustrade with creepers, garlands or string lighting. See how Time2dsign used the balustrade to created a vertical garden!

Decorative items

You will require a few decorative items to create an elegantly-designed small balcony. Embellish the walls with framed images, illustrations or paintings. You can also hang an ornate tapestry provided it is not exposed to direct sunlight everyday. This can create lasting damage to its colour and motifs. You can choose wall art or decorative frames as well. Spread a cosy rug on the floor. Choose colour and patterns commensurate to the style of your interior. Have lighting fixtures that augment the beauty of your tiny balcony. A small sculpture or two would also look charming in a space like this. You can also seek inspirations from our smart recipe for creating your own interior style.

Which of these balcony tips will you try? Let us know in the comments section below!

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