The 7 Best Air-Cleaning Houseplants

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It's an old maxim; 'life begins the day you start a garden'. The significance of such an adage was never so glaringly evident as now, when the dream of planting a beautiful garden full of flowers, fruits and vegetable has become nothing short of luxury. Interestingly, never before was the necessity of having verdant fields all around us felt so keenly. Every city-dweller knows how full of smoke, dust and pollution the urban air is becoming every day. 

In the daytime aided by sunlight, moisture and a type of green pigment called chlorophyll, plants assimilate carbon dioxide from the the atmosphere. The process, known as photosynthesis, is essential to produce 'food' for them and oxygen for almost every living being on this planet. Those among you who are already looking after even a handful of plants on their backyards or in tiny balconies are doing great services to each one of us. 

For you and also for those planning to take such a step shortly, we will discuss here a few indoor plants that are hailed for their cleansing capabilities. Studies have found them capable of filtering out many common toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) frequently present in indoor and outdoor atmosphere. But remember, in essence every plant has air-purifying qualities, so you need not be too worried before making your choices!

Hang an elegant golden pothos

In certain parts of Asia, golden pothos is known as the money plant. Cultivation of this plant at home is supposed to bring in wealth and prosperity. In almost no time, golden pothos vines overgrow the pot it is placed in and thankfully so, because it is renowned for its air purifying capabilities. They need bright indirect light and a moderate amount of water. However, these plants are toxic and should be kept out of reach from pets and children.

Go tranquil with a peace lily

Summer Calla Lily Plant Appleyard London Garden Plants & flowers
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Summer Calla Lily Plant

Appleyard London

The peace lily is a must-have plant for any every indoor gardener. Though peace lilies with prominent white flowers are the commonest type, you can choose to have different varieties of the same plant to brighten up the interior of your house. Besides helping to combat common VOCs like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, they are useful in filtering out harmful toluene and xylene as well. 

Peace lilies can withstand a range of temperatures, but prefer moderately warm and humid conditions. They abhor overly moist soil, so be careful with this.

A bold and bright azalea

Pretty azaleas have an immense capacity to beautify the ambience of any room. But do you know they are also highly revered for their air-purifying capabilities? They soak up harmful formaldehydes from such sources as plywood and foam insulations. Being a child of spring, an azalea loves bright light and cool temperatures. If you are experiencing dry weather, keep the soil consistently moist. Place potted azaleas on a humidity tray. Bonsai azaleas, like this one from Bonsai Shopping, can also enhance the charm of your interiors. For easy tips and tricks on growing bonsai, see our post here!

Go green with spider plants

This is one of most adored plants by every indoor garden cultivator. The spider plant is extremely resilient and capable of adapting itself to a range of climate conditions. Arachnophobes need not worry, they don't actually encourage spiders! Instead, they boast slender two-toned leaves and tiny flowers to beautify your balconies and living rooms. Most importantly, they keep indoor air clean and devoid of VOCs like benzene, xylene and formaldehydes.

Soothing aloe vera

Your sunny terrace, balcony, kitchen and living room windows will feel honoured at the presence of aloe vera. Sap extracted from its leaves is often used to treat various skin related complaints. Ancient medical practices like ayurveda prescribe it for stomach ailments. On top of everything, aloe vera is most needed to purify the indoor atmosphere. It is easy to grow, hardly seeks any meticulous tending even when grown in pots, but dislikes freezing conditions. Sandy loamy soil is best suited for these plants.

Try a striking snake plant

Snake plants are another one of those hardy types which find every nook and corner of the house a perfect place to thrive. This is another one of an indoor gardener’s dream plants. They particularly like humid conditions, so are very suitable for being placed in kitchen, bathroom or any other damp corner of your house. They do not mind low light either. They are known to filter out formaldehydes produced by cleansing and personal care products. Like any other green plant, they add to the wealth of atmospheric oxygen as well.

Go large with a reed palm

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens) homify Garden Plants & flowers

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens)


This is an indoor staple. The reed palm is easy to grow, loves bright and indirect light as well as humid weather conditions. However, overwatering destroys it. Make sure the drainage holes of the pot remain unblocked. It is renowned for filtering out toxic benzene and trichloroethylene from air. The latter is often used as an industrial solvent. Reed palms can easily be placed in the corner of your living room, balcony and landings of your staircases. With plants like these around you, you can finally enjoy breathing into fresh air right at your home!

Do you already have one of these plants at home? What are your tips on growing air-cleaning plants? Share your knowledge with us!

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