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'We long for affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment'. Do you know who said this? None other than novelist Mary Ann Evans whom we know by her popular pen name George Eliot. She is not the only person to pay such a glorious compliment to her pet dog! We are all in agreement about our indebtedness to our pet dogs, even though we cannot always express ourselves in such poetic terms. Certainly no one minds that, not least our canine friends. 

Simple yet affectionate gestures are often enough to win their lasting friendship. Provide them with a shelter, take due care of them and be attentive to their necessities. You are sure to earn their respect by meticulously attending to these. By nature they are unfussy and do not seek greater attention and care than they can possibly deserve from their owners. So we need to be extra careful to ensure their well-being. As a sign of our lasting admiration for our canine friends, we will discuss a few ways of designing your dog’s house today. Enjoy!

Size and portability

Do you need a kennel for your Golden Retriever or Cocker Spaniel, poodle or Pekingese? The nature and size of your dog will determine the size of their kennel. More extroverted dog species may like a bigger space and direct contact with outdoors. Smaller species, popularly known as lapdogs, hardly have such demands. Arrangements can be made to comfortably place them in a tiny house. Portability might be another factor which you would like to consider. If you often travel with your terrier or Maltese, it would be better to invest in a portable dog house.

Classical design

Balmoral large sofa in Chestnut faux leather homify Living roomSofas & armchairs Fake Leather

Balmoral large sofa in Chestnut faux leather


This design project should be treated the same way as any other refurbishment plans of your house, for a dog’s shelter or a kennel is going to be a part of your interior atmosphere. So if you live in a classically styled apartment, you can design your dog couch in line with this sofa by Scott’s of London. While they have opted for faux leather upholstery, you can choose a different type of dog-friendly material like suede, twill or cotton. Stay away from velvet which attracts dog’s hair and real leather which gets scratched easily. For a minimally-styled house, consider having less opulent styling and a more straightforward geometric form.

Consider the colour

When it comes to colours, dogs have specific choices much like their human counterparts. Some dogs tend to abhor ravishing red, pure white and all black. If your dog exhibits any of these tendencies avoid using these colours anywhere within or outside its shelter. If the dislike is quite strong, then you may need to tone down the same colours in the interior of your house too. Otherwise, use of bold or pastel shades as per your tastes is quite acceptable. You may like to colour coordinate, if you are placing this house inside your abode.

Recycle materials

You can recycle old cushions, cosy rugs, blankets or bedding to create a snug dog bed. Settle on a nice design. Then choose an appropriate wooden frame. This too can be recycled from old articles of furniture no longer in use. Remember to give it a fresh coat of paint. Cut to size and enclose the cushions or blankets in a fresh cover made of cotton, suede, pleather or any other pet friendly fabric. Only reuse those items still in reasonable condition to be recycled. Otherwise, it may cause health hazards for your pets and will not be as durable as you would like them to be.

Bed furnishings

Dog Sofa - Sandringham small in Natural Italian Leather Scott's of london Living roomSofas & armchairs Leather
Scott's of london

Dog Sofa—Sandringham small in Natural Italian Leather

Scott's of london

Pamper your dog with snug cushions, pillows and blankets on bed so that it can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Choose these articles in colours complementary to the dog couch and also the interior of your house. Make sure it is comfortable on bed and is not feeling too warm or too cold. By keeping it comfortable this way you will not only ensure its general well being, but will easily earn admiration and respect from one of your most loyal friends.

Placing a dog house

It is an age-old practice to build a kennel in the garden. For livelier and more outdoor loving species, this is still the best solution. But sprawling lawns may no longer be available with every house nowadays. In such cases, make use of your terrace or veranda where the dog can enjoy fresh air throughout the day. Otherwise, you may choose an empty corner within the four walls of your house and place the dog house or couch there. The chosen corner should be sunny, well ventilated and devoid of any dampness. Also, select a place where your pet dog can enjoy human company. Deserted lofts, attics or basements are not an ideal place to build a dog house.

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Which of these homes do you like best? How do you pamper your pets? Let us know!

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