5 style tips for small bedrooms

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Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Swish Design Works Small bedroom
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Big or small, round or square, all bedrooms have a purpose: function. Because in addition to providing us with a space for sleeping, a bedroom is also the room where we engage in other activities such as dressing, working (either with a cosy desk in the corner or via a laptop in bed), lounging in front of a television, reading… and we’ll stop the list of examples right here, as you can use your imagination!

The problem arises when we are presented with a small bedroom, because limited legroom immediately stops most of us from freely entering a space. Thus, what can be done about a small bedroom so we can continue to enjoy a range of activities? Do we sacrifice style and comfort? Do we tear down a wall to treat ourselves to more legroom?

To help you adjust to the idea of a small bedroom, we’ve gathered these 5 tips from professional Interior Designers and Decorators (in addition to colours, décor and furniture, they also know all about space) that will ensure heaps of style, comfort, and functionality, regardless of your bedroom’s size.

1. Keep your small bedroom’s layout simple

Don’t try and get too clever with bed placement in a small space, like floating it in the centre of the room. There’s usually the perfect wall or corner for the bed, so stick to it. 

We also recommend resisting the idea of shoving your bed tightly against a wall. Just place it in the centre of the main wall to ensure you have walking room on either side – it’ll enhance the flow of the space, plus it’s much easier this way to make your bed each day. 

2. Stick to light and bright colours

Serangoon North Ave 2 Swish Design Works Small bedroom
Swish Design Works

Serangoon North Ave 2

Swish Design Works

Neutral is king with any tiny space, especially white as it can make a small room seem way more expansive and welcoming than, say, royal blue or charcoal grey. 

Luckily, there exists an entire world of neutral colours that can be just as practical and stylish as ordinary white: beige, cream soft greys, off-whites, etc.

homify hint: Scared your small bedroom’s neutral colour palette will seem too clinical? Ensure some detail with various textures and patterns. Blankets, throws, scatter cushions, window treatment, floor rugs, wall art, the headboard… there are so many surfaces that can flaunt some eye-catching character! 

3. Bring in (plenty of) light

Here we mean both artificial- and natural light to help make that small bedroom shy away from feeling dark and claustrophobic. Think of examples like decorative overhead lighting such as pendants, bedside tables, a floor / table lamp over in the corner opposite your bed, some reading sconces, etc. 

And if there’s an option of adding an extra window or skylight, go for it! 

4. Ditch that bulky bed frame

Serangoon North Ave 2 Swish Design Works Small bedroom
Swish Design Works

Serangoon North Ave 2

Swish Design Works

In a small room, any extra centimetres of space are welcome. Thus, rather trade in that chunky bed frame for something with a simpler and cleaner look that takes up less space – physically and visually. 

Try the same with your cupboards, bedside tables, and other bedroom furniture – the extra space you save up is sure to add to your room’s functionality! 

homify hint: See if you can get a slim and simple bed frame with built-in storage areas! 

5. Go for colourful accents / décor

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Swish Design Works Small bedroom
Swish Design Works

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

Swish Design Works

As long as your small bedroom’s overall colour palette is soft and neutral, there’s no reason why you can’t add a bunch of energetic colours in the form of decorations and accessories – just ensure they don’t overtake the room’s scheme. 

From cherry red dots on your floor rug to mint green stripes on your scatter cushions, see where some pops of colour can add life without taking away visual space. 

Next up: 10 creative ways to bring a touch of magic to your bedroom.

Any other tips you can think of to keep a small bedroom from looking dull? Share with us!

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