The Classic Spanish Home Built for Living

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The classic Spanish home we will explore today lies in the exclusive Puerta de Hierro neighborhood of Madrid. The original home is 700 metres square and possesses an outdoor pool, a warm and intimate library and countless classic features. But despite its graceful appearance, this home has undergone a very drastic transformation.

Interior architects Ynot completely demolished the interior of the building during the building process. The client wanted the home subdivided, so two separate areas were created; a main living space for principal use and the other for guests. One long porch acts as an extension of both residences and supplies direct access to the garden and pool.

But it's the seamless integration of old and new that we will focus on today. This is a classic home with a bright, functional layout still brimming with all the original Spanish charm. Come with us to explore this special home through a series of beautiful photographs!

A classic Spanish exterior

This large graceful residence doesn't give much away at first glance. The main exterior was spruced up, but otherwise left untouched. The single-level exterior has classic roof tiles, red bricks and thick white walls. This area of Spain can get very hot in summer and the traditionally thick white walls offer great insulation. The garden hasn't been overly landscaped and the exterior exudes a rustic ambience. On the whole, the entrance is deceptively homely.

A curving outdoor pool

Moving to the rear of the property, we have a glimpse of the outdoor pool and porch area. This is the porch that offers direct access to both parts of the home. The entire space has a low-key ambience accentuated by the unfussy landscaping and flat, horizontal layout. Finally earthy terracotta tiles have been used to make the space feel cosy and welcoming.

Living room with skylight

The living room was redesigned with a skylight to provide natural illumination. This injects a lot of natural life into the space. This light airy quality is a nice counterbalance to the classic period furniture and artworks. Older homes were often dark and it can be difficult to incorporate classic pieces without having the space feel staid or heavy. Also note how the space has been furnished with a collection of eclectic, light furnishings and a mixture of classic and contemporary artwork. Colour accents in the grey lamps and foreground picture frames have been used to unify the disparate elements.

An intimate library

The library seen here is annexed to the living room. The designers wanted to create a more intimate ambience here, so they chose darker colours. This instantly distinguishes the space from the other living areas and infuses it with a very different feel. The dark wooden floors and classic blue hue walls make the space feel small and cosy. A series of bookcases line the room and a fireplace and comfy seating complete the effect. This is a lovely little library to while away a few hours reading.

A huge family kitchen

The 60 square metre wooden kitchen covers a large area. It is a rustic-style kitchen with wooden cupboards and mute, classic colours that blend into the existing decor of the home. The generous expanse of space has been well utilised with multiple gathering points and easy functionality. This reflects the contemporary desire for a sociable cooking and dining experience.

On our left we have a wooden dining table with comfortable cushioned seating in various options. This really encourages people to linger and socialise. In the centre, we also have a large kitchen island that allows the chef to interact with the guests while cooking. Finally, we have a small desk area in the rear corner. Perhaps this is a place to keep an eye on teenagers who are studying!

Luminous storage

Generous storage is always a good feature in any home and this occasionally raises the problem of having vast expanses of cupboard doors that look a little banal. But here, the designers have incorporated mirrored panels into the cupboard doors. These mirrored doors add a lovely, shimmering effect to the bedroom. They also works well at reflecting light into the interior. Finally, note how the dark wood flooring and neutral wall colours create a striking contrast against the white doors.

Comfortable bedroom furnishings

It can be easy to focus on the structural qualities of a bedroom, when it's often the textiles that define the space. As seen here, soft powder blue, grey and white can be used to create a particularly comfortable classic bedroom. The secret here is that the long curtains completely cover the entire wall. This creates a feel of abundance and luxury. At the same time, the soft chairs provide a place to sit or change and the bookcase offers the promise of a low-tech way to unwind.

A classy bathroom

The beautiful classic bathroom has a light, calming spa-like feel. This has been created with a subdued colour scheme, minimalistic fittings and the addition of some greenery. But it's the refined materials that really define the space. Open glass shelves provide a perfectly delicate contrast to the grey marbled walls. They also provide the perfect support for a collection of beautiful glassware. Finally, our favourite part of this bathroom has to be the little stool tucked into the wall cabinetry. It's the perfect little seat to indulge in a little me time!

If you can't get enough of old-style European homes, you'll love A classic home for the twilight years.

What do you think of this classic Spanish home? Do you like the interior or exterior best? Let us know!

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