Branch Out! 8 Creative Uses for Tree Stumps

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Creativity has no limits and home designers are using newer and more ingenious items in home décor to make a style statement. One such home décor product is tree stumps—which have become the latest home fad to take the interior design industry by storm. These have become firm favorites especially with nature lovers and those who love to upcycle stuff. Let's see a few ways in which tree stumps can grace the décor of your living room! We're sure you too will be convinced to include these in your stylish home.

Stylish coffee table

Looking around the market for that perfect coffee table for your living room? Well, try using a tree stump as a coffee table and see your living room décor get transformed! It will not just make your room look extremely chic but will also help bring nature inside. You can choose to put a single large tree stump in your living room or to cluster 2 or 3 tree stumps of smaller diameter in place of a traditional coffee table. Try placing a glass top over the tree stump or leave it as it is – the choice is entirely yours. If you want, you could use the entire tree stump or add table legs and flaunt your newly incorporated tree stump proudly to one and all.

A natural plant stand

Tree stump planters are another way of turning that barren tree into something eye catching. You could make your long narrow tree stump hold some small potted plants to give that twist. Just create a hollow long cavity in the tree stump according to your need and create some place which can hold your favourite pots. You could keep this on your balcony or even on the kitchen window sill.

A simple stool

Want some quirky seating space in your living room? Then incorporate tree stump stools and have ample seating place at the next get together in your living room. Remove the bark of the tree stump, smoothen its sides and paint them according to your choice to make some quirky yet eye-catching stools for your living room. Seeing these DIY tree stump stools, your guests are sure to appreciate your creativity at their next visit.

Rustic bedside table

Another idea to make use of that tree stump lying in your garden is to use them as bedside tables. Try looking for a stump of the ideal height and width and if unsuccessful, get it cut according to your preference and then use it as your bedside table. You could leave it unpainted or choose to paint it in any color of your choice and be amazed at the final result. You will be surprised at how inexpensive this would be and yet how astonishing it would look in your bedroom.

This gorgeous interior was designed by Zurich-based Meier Architekten GMBH.

A planter for the garden

Small Space For Plants : The Ele Pot Roy Yin Garden Plant pots & vases
Roy Yin

Small Space For Plants : The Ele Pot

Roy Yin

To use a tree stump as a planter, drill a wide planting hole in your stump and make some small holes to help drain water. Layer it with some gravel, some compost and some potting soil. Now it is time for you to plant your favourite plant in the tree stump! Create your own small tree stump planter in your living room, bedroom or even in your garden by incorporating this idea.

Make your own art piece

Cracked Log Lamps Duncan Meerding Garden Lighting
Duncan Meerding

Cracked Log Lamps

Duncan Meerding

Not tempted to go for more popular uses of tree stumps like coffee tables and bedside tables? Well, you could always use them as a décor piece rather than as functional pieces. Just cut out thin slices of that tree stump, get a metal or plastic stand—or even a light bulb—and hang those sliced tree stump pieces on the stand and voila, you've created your own DIY art décor piece! Another nifty idea is to make a chalkboard using the tree stump slices.

Stepping stones outside

Blessed with a small garden and thinking of clever ways to use that tree stump? Well, now is the time. Just use them to make a letterbox stand or in the path leading to your front door. Other clever tree stump ideas for the outdoors include creating a bird bath, making a fairy garden or tree house base for your children, and even painting it to play your favourite game of checkers or chess on it!

A simple garden border

Tree stumps also serve as excellent edges for your garden bed. Try laying the tree stumps on their sides and make excellent borders for your garden beds. Or cut them into smaller pieces and lay them side by side vertically to create a vertical wall for your favorite garden bed.

Tree stumps have become the next big thing when it comes to upcycling and home décor. So buy some trendy tree décor house pieces from the market the next time you go shopping. You do not even have to buy a tree stump if you or a neighbor has recently cut down a tree in the backyard and have a stump lying. Take up a DIY project and turn your useless tree stump into something extremely useful by drying it, removing the bark, smoothening it and then using it according to your wish. Uses of tree stumps are numerous. So get creative and start thinking on the best way of using these inside or outside your home.

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Which of these tree stump ideas do you like best? Do you like rustic accessories? Let us know in the comments!

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