10 practical ideas for your small balcony or terrace

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Don’t think that a small terrace or balcony is just there to torture you. With some creative planning, you can turn that small space into quite the stylish and practical area for… dozens of activities, really.

Here are 10 of them, thought of by professional Interior Designers, to inspire you…

1. Style up a visual link with your living room

Whether your balcony or terrace flows out from your living room, bedroom, dining area etc, styling and decorating it with pieces akin to the interior space will make both areas seem larger and linked up. 

2. Be super practical with your furniture

Heavy, bulky pieces are the last ones you should be buying for your small balcony or terrace – unless you want it to seem even tinier! What you want are lightweight, easy-to-move rattan furniture. The rattan is a perfect choice for exterior spaces as it already has that natural look and feel. Furthermore, invest in low-level and light-coloured furniture to make your space feel even lighter and more open. 

3. Close it up

Not everyone loves the idea of having a little outdoor zone attached to their home. If you're one of those, consider closing in your little balcony / terrace—it might seem like you’re gaining just a little bit of legroom, but trust us when we say that it will make a huge difference to how you view your interior space! 

4. Style up your own little “me” corner

A self-confessed bookworm? Love to paint? Need a space to do those yoga stretches? Whatever you love to indulge in, how about dedicating your balcony / terrace to said pastime activity via the correct furniture pieces, functional elements (such as proper lighting for reading), some decor touches, etc.

5. Flaunt your foliage

If you don’t want to clutter your little floor space with potted plants, how about opting for the walls? That’s the beauty of recessed ledges and floating shelves – they can display some remarkable elements without taking up any legroom! 

We love the idea of flaunting a rich variety of plants in mismatched pots (for visual character). 

6. Go one step further…

… and opt for complete balcony / terrace garden! You will need some artificial grass, potted plants, pebbles (to up that natural vibe), and perhaps even a water feature or bird bath. 

If you have space left, we recommend a little garden chair / bench! 

7. Style up a cosy little nook via a terrace sofa

Instead of trying to push lots of chairs onto your narrow balcony, just opt for a comfy sofa. If there’s still room left, you can bring in an ottoman or some floor cushions for extra company. 

8. Create an outdoor dining / cooking zone

Even if you're far above the ground in the middle of a bustling city, you can still enjoy some al fresco fun. You probably don't have enough legroom for a full-blown barbecue, but how about one of those little mobile ones?

At the very least, see if you can squeeze in a little café table with two chairs to enjoy some outdoor dining with a cityscape view.

9. Save space with your furniture

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN MAD Design Balcony
MAD Design

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN

MAD Design

To make the most of very little space, you’re going to want to opt for double-duty furniture – as in ones that help with storage. We recommend getting a couch / bench with built-in storage compartments for blankets, cushions, barbecue accessories, etc. 

10. Enjoy your own home office

Ever thought about turning that small balcony into your own private study? The space already has a cityscape view and tonnes of natural lighting. All you’ll need is to close it up and add the necessary pieces (desk, chair, etc.). Easy does it! 

Speaking of copy-worthy spaces, have you seen The Scandinavian apartment with a modern twist in Singapore?  

Got a small balcony / terrace at home? Which of these ideas will YOU be copying?

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